In conclusion, while smartphones may not be the most important tool in the 21st century designer’s toolbox, it certainly helps with the discovery phase of the design process as Page mentions in his paper.
First thing’s first, a smartphone: An ethnographic Vignette
Shahrzad Darafsheh

Shahrzad, I found your post to be very interesting. Smartphones are something that are so interested especially as we have grown up alongside the development of them. My mother is from Japan and she is probably the only person I know that does not have a smartphone. To this day she uses her flip phone. My brother always jokes about how he is surprised that Verizon hasn’t sent someone out to destroy it yet. This is also interested to me as my sister is a graphic designer. She is probably the most smartphone reliant person I know. When we go out together she is always using it for practically everything. If we are out for lunch and she sees a font or design on a menu that she likes she just has to take a picture. You also discuss how tablets are more favorable for designers. This is funny as my sister has always gone for the “phablet” phones (phone/tablets, or just very large phones.) However, I don’t think that I have seen her use any specific design apps. I am interested to see how you will do your participant observation with this subject!

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