I was happy to see such a strong turnout for an international soccer match, but I would have liked more fans to have stuck around after the game so that I could talk with them about their experiences watching and following soccer.
¡Força Barça, hay liga!
Morgan Irwin

This is so interesting! I always love reading and keeping up with your project. I think that going and doing field notes and participant observation is so important in your project to determine why it is that Americans don’t watch as much soccer as the rest of the world. My question for you is how old were most of the people in the bar? I think that would be something really interesting to look at as I think that age is a huge factor in why people don’t watch soccer. The fact is that soccer has not been available for americans to watch on TV for very long. As technology is advancing and allowing for international broadcasting and television, the soccer fandom is spreading to the US. Soccer is growing in the US, believe it or not. Also I think that it would be interesting to look at viewing demographics and statistics of soccer versus other sports. Football viewers are declining, and soccer is on an incline. I wonder why that is!

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