Secretly Rooting For You Guys

How Women Really Are Rooting For The Men In Their Lives

To reiterate guys, women really are in your corner and secretly rooting for you to prove to us how great you really are. We want to see the best of you and believe it by way of seeing it. Below our coy surface we’re cheering for you to be our one and only and we’d like nothing more than to have met the man of our dreams without all the pomp and ceremony. Quite frankly, we don’t enjoy the whole loop-de-loo game of dating any more than you do but this doesn’t mean either of us can skip the important steps built into the journey to love.

Now a days, prince charming is unlikely to show up in a woman’s life riding a steed horse. Instead, rush hour traffic and the chaos of urban life seems to be keeping him at bay and a woman’s faced with the far more difficult task of finding her prince charming in a mash up of Wall Street suits. Without the clearly distinguishing fairy tale features that sort the good from the bad, in simplisitc villain vs hero terms, a woman’s left with only one thing to do – see what guy steps up to the plate and presents himself in way that distinguishes him from the rest.

As such guys you’ve got to engage in the quest to win the girl over and see yourself as the protagonist being rooted for by the object of your affection. The reason why is, I’ll say it again, the girl really is secretly rooting for you from the sidelines and wants to see your inner prince charming shine through. Guys have to take up the challenge and fill in the space by demonstrating to us women what you’re all about otherwise we just don’t know. As much as we’d like to, we can’t fill in the blanks and believe the fantasy to be true without a little proof. To run on pure wishful thinking about a guy would be be fantasy and we do actually want to escape the limits of the fairy tale. You must therefore show us, demonstrate to us who you are and why we should trust more of ourselves to you.

Deep down a woman wants to show you who she is and give you all of that, but we have to know these most intimate and vulnerable parts of ourselves will be treated with the love and respect they deserve. This goes both ways of course. The truth of it is, in the dance of love, the man needs to take the lead so that we woman can reciprocate and then together both fall into a natural rhythm of back and forth. Of course this doesn’t restrict a woman from taking the first step, either way guys, if you don’t step forward and return the lead we’re right back where we started from.

Without the symbolic extension of the hand or acceptance of a dance, romance doesn’t stand a chance. Remaining on the sidelines, watching safely from afar is such a tragic end to a fairy tale that never got its start. So be bold, be brave guys and remember the right girl for you is actually on your side. See how that added bit of insight adds some zip to your dating step.