Unleash Your Inner Goddess With Music

*Playlist Included*

Music can be transcendental. It can reveal feelings you weren’t aware existed within you; it can bring back a nostalgic memory that was once forgotten, commence the bold beginning of a new day, or be the catalyst that brings healing and closure from your past.

Music can also inspire a new relationship, or bring you closer to God. It can find the words of forgiveness that missed your lips. It can stir up the courage to make a change. It can make you feel less alone: that someone, somewhere feels the same way you do.

Like anything that is misused, however, it also has the power to destroy. It can feed egos, justify bad behavior, echo insecurities, and reinforce the idea that we are all in it (this life) for ourselves.

While art is an avenue to explore the intricacies of our human experiences, we must be mindful of what we consume.

As women, we are transformational. We have the power within us to birth newness, inspiration, vitality, and change. It is our duty to embrace and honor our own unique gifts.

I have been a runner for some time now — I have actually completed several 5Ks, a half marathon, and the Disney Marathon, but I wouldn’t consider myself an iron woman to say the least. My pace is slightly lower than average, but I have continued because I love it. It’s a spiritual practice for me. Don’t get me wrong--it hurts sometimes. But the feeling of being transported to a universe made just for me simply takes my breath away.

There is one piece that makes the experience complete for me: the music I listen to.

You can find a million workout playlists in almost any genre, and they are usually upbeat tunes that help you to train harder and alleviate some of the pain endured while exercising. But research has found that a mix of music that makes you tune in (meaningful) and tune out (upbeat tempo) has some added benefits. When we bring mindfulness into the exercise space, we are aware of our bodies and the gift of exercise and not merely stuck counting the seconds before the anguish is done.

In my own experience, I have tried to perfect this formula. I have created many playlists over the years, but I was never completely satisfied. I wanted my runs to match the work I have put into my inner world. That means I would have to not depend on Anaconda by Nicki Manaj to get me through my next 5K.

I was on a mission for something else. Something I could listen to that is empowering without the negativity. Energizing, but not ego-inflating. I wanted more. I needed something that would inspire me to be a better person, a better woman. I needed a playlist that would help me to uncover the glowing beauty within.

I think I may have found it, and I am passing it along to YOU, goddess.

If you are one of my like-minded sisters, here it is. The tested and approved collection of songs to inspire and motivate you to elevate. I invite you to listen and watch the transformation unfold:


Nicole Edwards, CPLP® is a speaker and facilitator, dedicated to empowering people to challenge limiting perceptions that stand in the way of personal and professional success. Click here to see her TEDx talk called In Your Eyes.