The Cepi Style Difference: Style Made Personal & Relevant

We launched Cepi Style in New York City following our final focus group meeting at Ladureé Soho in December 2014. The intimate conversation with a diverse group of executive women confirmed the existence of a huge gap in the market, and solidified our view that gaining authentic consumer trust would always be Cepi Style’s North Star. Even with expert stylists and a compelling process, we still had to build trust during that conversation. Some people were skeptical that we could provide a service that would truly address their needs — testing every sentence or thought that came out of our style advisors’ mouths. We now look back and say the best way to launch a business is with a tough crowd with strong opinions. During that conversation, we heard four concerns:

· I need support for my personal style as I ascend in my career, but I don’t trust a fashion stylist to understand my particular needs, context or environment. I wouldn’t even know how to pick one.

· I need something efficient. I manage too many personal and professional responsibilities.

· I want the best shopping experience to meet my needs but… I do not like to shop like I used to in my twenties… I don’t have the time to shop like I need to… I do not know how to shop… or, I want to step outside of what I know or my comfort zone.

· My closet gives me anxiety and/or I use maybe 30% of what is in my closet because I need to get rid of things or do not know how to optimize what I have.

On that day, we made a promise to deliver a service that combined both in-person consultation and online/technology-enabled efficiency that addressed these fundamental needs. Cepi Style members would be able to refine their personal style in a safe, comfortable space and have a trusted resource they could call on at any time.

The Cepi Style Closet Edit: Transforming Lives

A month later, we conducted our first closet edit. While the idea of the closet edit is not new, the ‘Cepi Style Closet Edit’ was and is new for the market. At Cepi Style, we evolve with you and your goals. Our entire process is focused on trust, expertise, efficiency and fun (turning the most daunting tasks into a joyful journey). We are not dedicated to a single brand. We bring everything that works and passes our quality test to our closet edits. I still remember an early Cepi Style member jubilantly exclaiming, as she looked in the mirror at the end of her closet edit, “Now, I can’t wait to go to the office on Monday!” As she signed up for membership, she mentioned that she could have never done “this” on her own — even when she had time to shop (her childhood dream was to work for a fashion magazine). She is a trailblazer and was the only woman promoted to her senior position at her fund even while on maternity leave.

One of the most difficult women during our final focus group meeting screamed when she saw her rack of clothing rolling towards her apartment door. During our focus group meeting, she made it clear that she was only interested because she wanted to get promoted. By the end of her closet edit, her disposition toward herself and her style had completely changed. As she signed up for membership, she mentioned date night with her husband and baby showers with friends. She wanted to continue honing her personal style. Over the course of that year, she wrote countless messages thanking Cepi Style for giving her the tools to truly invest in herself.

We have spent the past two years refining our initial vision based on the experiences of our early clients. Our value is in our curated roster of diverse stylists, years of experience with a range of clients, and our unique, customized process. Our clients have ranged from size 0P to plus size, from senior executives to working mothers, and anyone ready to try a new way of shopping that works in the comfort of their own home.

Cepi Style: The New Way of Shopping

Our early members are enthusiastic about the product and service we offer. While the market is overrun with glitz and promises of turning distant, editorial images into daily reality or quick algorithm fixes dubbed as styling, Cepi Style delivers on creating a long-term trust relationship that turns an unwieldy process into a modern convenience. Our public and private testimonials demonstrate that the consumer experience can be empowering and results-oriented.

The Cepi Style Closet Edit is a 3-hour experience in-home with a Cepi Style stylist and styling assistant. We organize your closet, identifying what works well and helping you identify what you can let go (and how). We reserve the second part of your closet edit to peruse a full rack of clothing and accessories curated for you. Our members have told us that this is their most thoughtful shopping experience. You get the opportunity to judge new items in your home (at your price points and specifications) with the styling team there with you. You also get introduced to new concepts that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Members are constantly saying, “I would have never thought to do that… or I have never heard of this designer… I love it.”

The Cepi Style Closet Edit is powerful and transformative, but it is just one aspect of our service offering. After the closet edit, you have the opportunity to become a member and access your personal Cepi Portal. The portal is a lifestyle management system that houses images of items in your closet, connects you to your stylist(s) when you need, provides recommendations for your events and daily needs, and much more. The process is more akin to selecting your personal hair stylist or doctor whom you grow to value and trust more over time.

The path you choose is up to you. Some choose to continue with bi-annual closet edits while others have decided to join as members after their first or second closet edit.

Why We Do This?

We are not sure if you can imagine how excited our stylists are for every engagement with every person that joins us (even if they work with celebrities or for your favorite fashion media outlets). It’s what we look for — beyond expertise, style knowledge, flair, and years of experience. Can you imagine a stylist with a Vogue background chomping at the bit to provide a personalized service for you? We look for this and hone it through our process because personalization is often spoken of but still such a rare commodity in the fashion industry. This is our heritage. We give retail therapy new meaning and invite you to join us for a new way to get the service you deserve. Promotions, new career moves, post-pregnancy, geographical moves, changes in relationship status, or even a simple change in attitude.

As we expand beyond New York City, we bring our core with us. Click on the website or email me personally at to get your questions answered or get started with us.

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