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Apple, Coca Cola, and Nike are just a few examples of consumer brands who have managed to stay relevant over time, in no small part due to strong product management.

High-tech product management, on the other hand, is considered by some to be a young and relatively immature profession. But despite its infancy, a number of leaders have emerged over the past several decades.1

At HelpDocs, some companies that we look up to include Deliveroo, Spotify, and Zapier, and so in anticipation of the the new year, we asked members of these companies to weigh in on how they see product management evolving in 2018. …

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2 months ago, I wrote about how I became a digital nomad. When people I meet in real-life find out that I’m a digital nomad, a common response I get is: “Wow, that’s so cool. I wish I could do the same.” The thing is, you can. Anyone can.

Recently, I got into a heated discussion with my mom and god brother re. why I don’t want to pursue an opportunity with one of the big 4 tech companies; an opportunity that presented itself to me. It’ll look good on your resume, they said. It’s good experience. …

I don’t know if it’s that I caught the travel bug at a young age, having had the opportunity to visit many places growing up, or it’s typical of my generation — restlessness, the itch. Either way, whether I fully formed it in my head or not, I think it’s always been the dream: location independence.

It was 2014/2015 that I started saying to friends that it’s time to move on. …

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