Empathetic Journalism for the Right
Jeff Jarvis

It’s refreshing to hear a journalist who wishes to inform rather than persuade. I am a conservative and recovering political news junkie. I watched Fox News for years until recently. A year ago we dumped satellite tv and went to internet channels. I had become disgusted with the Hannity model of surrogates yelling their talking points at each other and throwing political bombs, long before this decision. I was simply tired. I crave in depth accessible stories that do not report in sound bites requiring either 24/7 attention or heavy assumptions to fill in any kind of big picture. As I have searched for a source of news, I’ve found that same polarized model everywhere. It is extremely difficult (in some important cases impossible) to find an article that fully chronicles or explains concepts like negative interest, economic concepts, political scandals, terrorist attacks, ISIS and Middle East happenings, markets, or any other topic that requires truth and facts. One has to suffer political rants, surface platitudes, and undefined market lingo to try to get any minute fact.

I don’t want news to persuade me. I want it to inform me. Opinion has become a replacement for education. I want to be educated and my opinions to be my own. If we were more concerned with what is true we might be less concerned with opinions. Journalists have lost sight of this. Stop assuming everyone is polarized and needs to be coddled based on their political opinions. Treat us all as rational decent human beings and we just might start acting like them.

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