The kid that laughs nervously at everything.

Let’s pretend this kid’s name is Mike. Mike is a smart kid in my calculus class that laughs nervously whenever he says something out loud to the class/teacher. Many people found it strange at first and didn’t understand. I was one of those students. Though by the end of the semester, everyone got used to it so no one thought of it as anything and dismissed it.

I, however, did not. I have always wondered and observed this kid. Yeah, creepy, right? But regardless, I kept on observing his behaviors. I think I want to be some sort of psychologist, so it was interesting to me to see how he acts and I wanted to figure out why.

One day at lunch, I was sitting with my friend, just talking casually, and Mike sits down at the table next to us. I was facing him, so occasionally I would look up and see him talking to himself and looking up and around, laughing nervously as he always does. I wondered to myself, is he schizophrenic? I don’t know if my assumptions are correct, but let’s assume they are.

How awful would it be to constantly have voices running through your head talking to you and telling you things. I don’t know what kind of things because I am not inside his mind, but I want to know. I wish I could just shrink myself down and crawl into his brain and listen to the voices and see how he reacts. Maybe I would try and talk to these voices? Wait, wouldn’t that make me another one of the voices in his head? Who are these voices? What is it like? Is it frustrating? Does he talk back to them? What do they say? Does he take medicine for it? Does it work? If it does, how well does it work?

All these questions are valid for that kid that laughs nervously at everything.

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