Underwear Defines Your Attractiveness

Calvin Klein is known for its revealing and “sexy” ads; they even brought David Beckham into the equation and used him as a model for Calvin Klein. This is a standard ad, trying to sell you some underwear. However, by strategically arranging and creating this ad, Calvin Klein sends a message to it’s buyers that in order to be someone good looking, a person has to buy Calvin Klein underwear.

This ad is so much more than two topless people touching eachother. This ad demonstrates the need for sex. These two fairly attractive people are clearly seeking some sort of “action” with the way that they do not have their top half of clothes on. Why? Because Calvin Klein wants all the attention to go to the underwear. But, in order to get any buyers, they must show what it takes to be someone with Calvin Klein underwear. Sexy, beautiful, and fit. Calvin Klein gets the hopes up for buyers to have sex because apparently what underwear you wear is more important than your personality and even your face!

Stereotypically, this is what most people thrive to look like. But, realistically, many do not look like these two photoshopped models. Being perfectly muscular and toned is what it takes to get a girl with fair sized breasts and a perfect face. People tend to get their hopes up for their “dream girl/guy” to have all these traits, but sadly, life does not roll that way.

This ad points to the obvious, to be attractive, you must buy Calvin Klein underwear. However, in the real world, all Calvin Klein is doing is giving us a run for our money and the next thing you know, you realize that maybe one person will see your underwear, if you’re lucky… Underwear is always made to look good, but in reality, people can care less about what type of underwear someone wears on a day to day basis. Ladies, please put away the see-through leggings. And to all guys who decide to show off their underwear by sagging their pants, please don’t.

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