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If you haven’t read my other review of Lust Arts’ amazing toys, check them out at Rebellious Magazine!

Lust Arts will be releasing the Mosswood Dragon soon, but I was lucky enough to try out a beta tester for review…

Mosswood Dragon

Size — Pleaser: ~ 4” in insertable length, ~ 4.5” at widest circumference

Density — Single: Soft

Other notes — Beta tester: This toy isn’t available yet and has undergone some minor changes since I tried it.

Let’s talk about Zumio. I tried Zumio (now known as Zumio X) last fall and fell in love. I was surprised because I expected it to be too pinpoint for me. If you aren’t familiar with it, Zumio X looks a bit like an electric toothbrush, but with an ABS plastic tip that oscillates VERY fast. The sensation is extremely pinpoint and the lowest setting is incredibly powerful. I don’t know if I’ve ever read a review by someone who actually managed to make it to the highest intensity level (there are 8).

I couldn’t use the tip though. I always situated it so the part that was against my clit was the part between the little bulb on the end and where the head connects to the main part of the toy. Basically, the little bar moved against my clit instead of the very tip. I fell in love with Zumio X when I visited home for the holidays last year. It is VERY quiet and made me come quickly. …

Reading list for sex nerds

(Updated August 19, 2020)

Below is a list of books I put together about sex, sexuality, and kink/BDSM. The ones marked with an asterisk are from the bibliography of my MFA thesis, which was a half personal/half theoretical look at personal growth through kink and how the body responds to sensation. Everything else is just something I probably read for fun. Most of these books I’ve read all the way through. If I haven’t, I noted it. In a couple instances, I include a bit of a description of the book/why it might be on the list.

Guidebooks, How-Tos, & SCIENCE!

Thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for making this review possible.

I’ve never been moved to start writing a review of a toy I’ve only used once. Even if I fall immediately in love, it usually takes me awhile to write about it. I also want to make sure I still love it after that first time.

Fun Factory’s new Volita arrived in my mailbox today (August 3) and since it’s battery operated (one AA battery), I didn’t have to wait for it to charge up! Anticipating a toy’s first charge is exciting, but there’s something to be said for instant gratification. …

I don’t know that I’ve ever fallen so instantly in love with a sex toy before. I’ve turned vibrators on after charging them for the first time and thought, Oh, I think I’ll like this! I’ve seen dildos like Hole Punch Toys’ Mother Interior and thought, GET IN ME NOW. (Sadly, she hasn’t gotten in me yet.)

But when KinkLab released a new attachment, the Electro-Whip, for their Neon Wand, I was intrigued. I saw it in action on Stockroom’s Instagram and picked it up during their amazing holiday sale last winter (Stockroom frequently has awesome sales).

Y’ALL. The Electro-Whip is NO JOKE. As soon as it arrived, I pulled out my Neon Wand, which I’ve loved for a couple of years. It’s become one of my favorite toys for sensation play, a good way to get some endorphins released quite quickly. On it’s highest setting, though, the Neon Wand never really hurt me. I really enjoy the sensation, especially on my back, flanks, inner thighs, and clit. …

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I need to talk about one of my favorite new products for a moment. It’s a product that I didn’t expect to be so excited about, one that I didn’t anticipate becoming so important to my routine: the UVee HOME Play by Clean Light Laboratories, a lock box that simultaneously sanitizes and charges your sex toys.

After I freaked out on Twitter over the fact that the Magic Wand Rechargeable fits in the HOME Play system (!!!), they offered to send me a sample. …

I always say — ok, I said it once, recently — that if I’m going to buy jewelry, it’s gotta have more than one purpose.

My partner gave me a discreet “day collar” from an Etsy shop for our anniversary two years ago (I helped pick it out, of course). It’s a beautiful silver necklace with an abalone mosaic bead on the end, but it also locks, lariat style.

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Etsy shop: SkyeWireDesigns

I’m not a collared submissive, but it’s a symbol of my submissive side. Feeling its weight around my neck makes me feel powerful.

I recently made a purchase from Unbound Box’s body jewelry collection — now I’ve got a necklace with snakes (which pleases this proud Slytherin) that are actually nipple clamps (which really pleases this proud Slytherin). You can wrap it and clip it all sorts of ways, but I like to wear it wound around my neck multiple times, as a choker. …

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Below is a post I wrote to contribute to the first annual #KinkySexTips Blogfest hosted by Mona Darling. I asked to contribute as a sex writer who likes to write educational pieces — and I was interested in writing a piece less “Kink 101” and more for the kinkster who’s been doing what it is we do for awhile. I’ve been practicing kink for about six years and have been involved in the scene for three. I love touching on taboos and subjects that people are hesitant to talk about, even within the kink community itself.

Suddenly, the tip of his cock is at my lips, prodding, and I keep my mouth closed, not sure if I really want to suck it. But we’re roleplaying and forced fellatio is nothing unusual in our scenes — we’ve done it countless times and he has no reason to think he’s pushing my boundaries tonight. In fact, my fighting back is in character; this is a scene in which my character does not consent. I give up and open my lips. He fucks my mouth. …


Nicole Guappone

Writes about sexuality, kink, & sex toys. Also the pelvic floor. @RollingStone @glamourmag @Into @The_Rumpus @RebelliousMag @bust_magazine @ESTBLSHMNT

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