Lust Arts Bonus Review: Mosswood Dragon Beta Tester

photo by author

If you haven’t read my other review of Lust Arts’ amazing toys, check them out at Rebellious Magazine!

Lust Arts will be releasing the Mosswood Dragon soon, but I was lucky enough to try out a beta tester for review…

Mosswood Dragon

Size — Pleaser: ~ 4” in insertable length, ~ 4.5” at widest circumference

Density — Single: Soft

Other notes — Beta tester: This toy isn’t available yet and has undergone some minor changes since I tried it.

photo by author

When the folx at Lust Arts asked if I’d like to try a new toy they were working on, I enthusiastically accepted (maybe a little too enthusiastically). Another Lust Arts design? Yes, please. It’s not a dragon penis, it’s not a whole dragon — the base is the dragon’s head and its snout is the insertable! The head is scaly, its two eyes look kinda dreamy and content, and teeth show all the way around the snout. Since the Pleaser is the second size up, the base is weighty — probably not great for someone with grip issues as it’s large in size (~ 3.5” base diameter, ~11.5” circumference) as well as fairly heavy (for a dildo).

So how do the Mosswood Dragon and I get along? After I use it, I probably look just as content as the Dragon does. There’s no taper to its snout, so I must be warmed up before inserting it. The snout gets slightly narrow towards the middle before getting a little wider at the base where it connects to the face. There is a fair bit of texture to it, but no where near as much as the Mermaid (or even Frank’s Monster, IMO). While it can be thrusted — and feels good — for me, the Mosswood Dragon shines when I put it in and slowly spin. The scales on the Dragon’s face feel absolutely amazing on my vulval vestibule and against my inner labia. The Dragon — all by itself — makes me come just from spinning or rocking it back and forth, most likely because it is stimulating the internal clitoris as well as (slightly) the external. I’ll even sit the Dragon on its sturdy base and either ride it or rock back and forth on it — again, the scales and texture are enough to get me off.

photo by author

The Mosswood Dragon is one of my Lust Arts faves and I can’t wait to see it available for purchase. The “original” colors were undecided last I heard, but mine is a beautiful silver with a touch of gold and very light pink accents — such a perfect rainbow of shimmer it’s hard to tell exactly what colors were poured. The Mosswood Dragon is truly unlike any dildo I’ve ever seen and I’m looking forward to seeing how folx react. Reminder that I tried a beta version and Lust Arts has indeed made a few minor changes in the details to the design (nothing major). One thing that I know they were debating was about the tongue. Yes, the tongue! I didn’t notice at first, but the Dragon has a little tongue sticking out around the end of the snout. It is adorable and — according to Lust Arts — a great way to convey that the Dragon is a consenting participant in your lusty forest adventures. How cute is that?!

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