Review: Fun Factory’s new $30 vibe, Volita (with a cameo from Mr. Boss and a detour through my opinion on what is lacking in the sex toy industry)

Nicole Guappone
Aug 8, 2018 · 6 min read

Thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for making this review possible.

I’ve never been moved to start writing a review of a toy I’ve only used once. Even if I fall immediately in love, it usually takes me awhile to write about it. I also want to make sure I still love it after that first time.

Fun Factory’s new Volita arrived in my mailbox today (August 3) and since it’s battery operated (one AA battery), I didn’t have to wait for it to charge up! Anticipating a toy’s first charge is exciting, but there’s something to be said for instant gratification. Pull it out of the box, put the battery in, and GO!

The Volita is a new addition to Fun Factory’s battery-operated line which also features their Patchy Paul, Jam, and Jazzie, and it’s also a mini version of their newest rechargeable vibe, Volta. Volta probably looks unlike any vibrator you’ve seen before with its fluttering tips. Turned off, it kind of looks like a duck bill, but once you turn it on, the tips flutter faster than the eye can see.

Fun Factory Volita, personal photo

Now, I’ve not actually tried Volta, so I can’t compare the two. I can tell you that in addition to Volta being rechargeable, it also has multiple speeds and patterns. That’s the one downfall of Volita — it only has two settings: On and Off. This won’t satisfy folks who need a lot of power or multiple settings to get off. But this is actually the reason why I wanted to try Volita over Volta. The couple reviews of Volta that I read said that the fluttering tips (which I initially thought/hoped would be more gentle) offer powerful pinpoint vibration — exactly what I don’t need. When I saw that a mini, battery-powered version would be released, I assumed it would be less powerful. (And cheaper; Volta is $140.)

I’m always on the lookout for new toys with lower settings. I don’t necessarily want toys that are ONLY gentle, but it’s not uncommon for a vibrator’s first setting to be too powerful for me, and then they’ll only go up from there. I’d love to see more vibes with a wider range of settings so they’ll work for those of us who are extremely sensitive. I used to be a wand lover, but after I developed chronic pelvic pain and went to pelvic floor physical therapy, my body changed more than I would have expected. Now, I am rarely able to use what used to be some of my favorite toys. I doubt I’ll be like this forever, but I have to respect where my body is Now.

So, why did I love Volita so much? It may only have one setting, but the design of the toy at least offers a couple different sensations. Holding Volita’s fluttering tips against my clit, I get pretty powerful pinpoint vibrations. But if I press it on its side (see photo below), the tips don’t really flutter, as one is pressed against my body. When the toy is oriented this way, the vibrations actually feel pretty rumbly! And because the fluttery part of the tips are about an inch and a half long, the rumbly vibration covers a broader area, rather than pinpointing the clit. It felt good, and I came quickly.

author’s photo

I usually try new toys out by myself first, but I was so curious, I reached for Volita during partnered sex. It was PIV which is still not totally pain-free for me, and that can make it a little difficult to fully relax (even though relaxing my tense pelvic muscles is exactly what I need). Volita gave me the best orgasm I’ve had during PIV in weeks and I think I know why. It’s gentle. The vibrations, yes, but also the thin silicone tips. As much as I adore my Eroscillator, it’s actually been a little too much for me lately, even with the super squishy marshmallow tip. I also love my Le Wand Petite (review coming soon!), but the head is firm and even though it’s “Petite,” it’s still a wand (read: powerful). Volita really is different from every other vibrator I own. I don’t have anything that is soft/flexible AND gentle AND rumbly. I’ve either got wands or air-pressure toys or vibrators that are just…hard. I want something soft to put against my sensitive clit! When a vibe is too powerful, it may still work, but my clit gets so sensitive, the vibe will hurt and my orgasm isn’t as satisfying.

I have three of Fun Factory’s Stronics (Eins, G, and Real), but I only have one other vibrator from them — their Mr. Boss Battery+, which runs on two rechargeable AAA batteries. I got it for review just when I started experiencing pelvic pain (now nearly a year ago) and sadly still haven’t been able to use it internally. But after falling so hard for Volita, I took Mr. Boss out and decided to see if it was as satisfying of a vibrator as Volita. It’s shaped more like a realistic penis and the silicone is squishier and more flexible, so the “head” was gentle on my clit. The larger size and density (though it’s still lightweight) of the toy helped dampen the vibrations a bit so it wasn’t pinpoint, but nice and rumbly. It feels like the vibrations come more from the middle to lower in the shaft so by the time they reach the tip, they are softened (though the higher settings do get a bit buzzier).

Along with Volita, I didn’t have to take Mr. Boss off my clit immediately after orgasm, which I usually have to do because I get so sensitive. These Fun Factory toys are soft and gentle while the vibrations are nice and rumbly. I don’t know how Fun Factory does it! But I love it.

There aren’t many reviews of Mr. Boss out there, but the couple I read didn’t find it to be a good clitoral toy. This is exactly why I kept reviewing toys despite my pelvic pain and why I continue to do so. While obviously not everyone has the same experiences with every toy, there is one thing that most reviewers tend to agree on: power. And so it’s the more powerful toys that get reviewed and become popular, which in turn encourages companies to keep making more and more powerful toys because they think that’s what everyone wants. And I’ve said it before: some of us can’t do power.

When I say I want a gentler vibrator, I don’t mean I want weak, buzzy vibrations. I still want quality vibrations and quality rumbles. I just want to have some lower settings. Maybe this is a challenging thing to do, I’m not a sex toy engineer. But technology has come a long way — surely the best manufacturers out there are up for the challenge.

(This same thing also happens with dildos—there are some amazing companies out there who keep coming out with bigger and BIGGER toys. The smaller dildos that they DO make tend to be smooth and fairly shapeless [a lot of them are suggested as anal toys]. Just because I need a smaller sized dildo doesn’t mean I want a boring one. I still like texture. I still like fun. I mean, we call little things “fun-sized” for a reason, right?! I’ve started to turn to independent fantasy toy-makers for my dildos because while it used to be harder to find fantasy toys that weren’t HUGE, more and more folx are making “mini” sizes.)

OK. I’ll get back to my Volita review but that detour needed to be taken.

As the title says of this review says (because I HAD to put it up front), Volita is only $30!! It’s small, lightweight, and unusual, and it might end up being my go-to gift vibrator. It’s also waterproof. Battery-operated and waterproof (so is Mr. Boss). Seriously, I don’t know how Fun Factory does it.

So do I still love Volita after that first use? Yes…and no. The second time I used it was during hand sex with my partner and it did get me off (slowly…which is nice sometimes), but I know that if had at least one higher setting, powering up would have made me come faster. Volita will probably end up being either a toy I use during PIV sex or by myself — the two types of sex that get me off the fastest/easiest. Subsequent uses have all been by myself and have all been successful and satisfying!

Thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for providing Volita for review and Fun Factory for providing Mr. Boss.

Nicole Guappone

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Writes about sexuality, kink, & sex toys. Also the pelvic floor. @RollingStone @glamourmag @Into @The_Rumpus @RebelliousMag @bust_magazine @ESTBLSHMNT

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