Removing myself from my own life

It’s been ages since I’ve spent Christmas away from home and quite frankly, I had forgotten how bloody brilliant it is until I did it again this year.

It was December 2006, when we spent the month travelling through beautiful Vietnam. It was such an incredible trip for so many reasons, the biggest of which was David asking me to marry him. I remember how we spent hours talking through our dreams, reshuffling ideas, making plans and setting our goals for 2007. We arrived home on New Years Eve 2006, newly engaged and ready for the biggest year of our lives and let me tell you, 2007 was a cracker!

So it seems nine years have passed since before we could manage to organise another Christmas away. This time, it was a little shorter and closer to home, 11-nights at Blueys beach, which is a 3-hour drive north of Sydney. Once again it was an awesome trip, with countless memories made with our family.

Every day I got the chance to read, take a walk on the beach and even take a little siesta every other day — it was pure bliss! On the first day, while taking my first walk on the beach, I found a rock that all but invited me to sit on it. Each day, I went back to that rock, took a seat, stared out at the ocean and breathed in the sea air. Every day was different on that rock; the weather varied, the view altered and the people nearby were never the same but every day I did the same two things; I breathed (exactly how Dr. Libby taught me) and I played with my thoughts.

As each day passed, sitting on my thinking rock, I found myself in a similar position to nine-years back, where I was spending time revisiting my dreams, reshuffling ideas, making plans and setting some big hairy audacious goals for 2016.

For me there seems to be something about removing myself out of my own life as the year wraps up that allows me to both reflect and reset. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to do more than make a fleeting new years resolution. And just for the record, one of my plans for 2016 includes a 10-year anniversary trip back to Vietnam with the children in December, so we can do it all again!

I’ve arrived home over the weekend, newly refreshed, recharged and 100% refocused, ready for the biggest year of my life and let me tell you, 2016 is going to be a cracker!

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