Technology then and now

Technology really helped people ever since it was made. Technology, without a doubt, has made life easier. Technology then looked different from how it looks now and even functions differently. Technology has made a huge impact on us and has changed our lives forever.

Phones then

These are how phones looked like back then. If you love bringing your phone with you, and can’t leave it for a split-second, then I guess this phone isn’t for you. You can’t bring it with you and you have to leave it at your house if you were out or busy. It’s main function and purpose was for people couldn’t talk physically or were too far from each other to talk to each other with this phone in their houses or at work. Not to play games or go crazy over flappy bird. Then came mobile phones.

Phones Now

These are our phones in the present. It looks different from the first phones. Phones then did not have games; but our phones? It has games, apps, and so much more crazy stuff. Not only can you just talk to the person through calling them, you can talk to them by messaging or texting them. If you were in a meeting or too busy, you could just type what you wanted to say to that person. Phones now have really made a HUGE upgrade and more cool details. But sure it may have helped us and have made life easier, but easier could sometimes mean laziness; and that’s exactly what happened to us. But, it still has more pros than cons. It really helped us and I am not just talking about phones, I am talking about technology itself. Technology has really evolved and upgraded through the years and without it we would not know life as we know it.