8 Built-In Must-Haves for Your Next Remodel

Nicole Rollins
Mar 9, 2017 · 4 min read

If you’re wanting to refresh the look of your home while adding some extra functionality, you should definitely consider adding some built-ins to your home! We’ve collected 8 built-in ideas for your next remodel that will give your home a whole new feel!

1 — A Built-In Bookcase for Your Front Room.

A built-in bookcase will wow all of your guests as well as provide you with some much-needed extra shelving. Adding drawers and cubbies can add to the look while boosting the functionality. It also lends itself to more open concepts, as you don’t have to worry about shelving sticking out of the wall or bookcases blocking walkways.

2 — A Storage Banquette Seat for Your Kitchenette.

With storage space becoming such a sought after option in homes, finding unique and interesting ways to add it to your own home is a great option. This is a built-in option that will be great whether you plan on staying in your home forever or reselling in the near future.

3 — Built-In Desk for your Office.

Everyone likes to have their own space, but sometimes having your own space can mean being cramped into a corner of the house that no one else uses. Whether you’re trying to make the most of a small space or wanting to optimize the room you have, building in your office desk is a great idea. You can have your desk, filing cabinets, and shelving flush with the rest of the walls. It gives your office an open feel while helping with clutter.

4 — A Built-In Living Room.

This may sound a little crazy — living rooms are already built-in, right? But it’s actually a great space saver for those with smaller living rooms or those who love to make the space they have more functional. Just by adding some upscale shelving and a TV stand, you can have great storage space and luxury all in one. The best part? It frees up the rest of your living room for furniture and fun.

5 — Built-In Bunk Beds for your Kids’ Room.

If you have more than one child and they each want their own space, consider built-in bunk beds. These can be as simple or elegant as you want and can include headspace, shelving, storage drawers, and many other options that will leave your children feeling like they have their own space. You can even add a staircase for easier access to the top bunk!

6 — Built-In Bathroom Storage.

We’ve all been to or had at least one bathroom that had absolutely no storage space. While you may feel that your only option is a wire contraption made to fit around your toilet, there are other options. If you have even just a small amount of free wall space, you can easily add your own built-in storage space for the bathroom.

7 — Built-In Bedroom Bookshelf.

Whether you’re a lover of books, tinkerer, knick-knack collector, or a comic lover a built-in bookshelf in the bedroom is a great way to stay organized as well as give your bedroom a refreshing update. Adding shelves with a cutout for your bed is perfect for those of us who love a good read right before bed!

8 — Built-In Closet - DIY Style.

Designing and planning out a built-in closet for your bedroom might not be for the completely inexperienced, but there are tons of helpful guides out there. It’s a great way to add storage space and help you get organized. Whether you want a more basic closet with just a shelf or a more elegant closet with cubbies and drawers, you can design your perfect closet relatively easily.

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