Her name was Teresa Halbach: What Netflix Missed with “Making a Murderer”
Diana Alvear

I’m sure that Theresa was a wonderful woman and I feel for her family, however to say that her brother “took on a horrible burden”…well let’s just say that I remember his daily appearances quite differently. I very clearly recall thinking “wow, for a guy who lost his sister, he doesn’t seem very torn up and he sure loves the cameras.”

As far as your colleagues doing a thorough job of reporting an unbiased version of events there was not a time that I turned in to WBAY, Fox11, or any of the other local media where you guys weren’t trying to make the Avery family look like hillbilly fools. And while you are being all high and mighty, the local media didn’t put much effort into memorializing Theresa either. One station made it a point to mention that they gave Avery a make over and he seemed like a nice guy! You, yourself admit to going out to interview Avery before he was even a suspect! Did you interview every person she spoke to that day and ask them if they would take a polygraph? No, because the story wasn’t Theresa Halbach…it was Steve Avery. So please, do not come out and chastise the population now for the media machine that started right here in central WI.

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