These are great, but I have to wonder how many are actually in production.
Ricky Lyman

Hey Ricky, you brought up a really good question. One of my dashboard designs is featured in this article and unfortunately that’s not how it looks like in production. The live version is much more muted visually, and structurally the data is also organized in a different fashion.

For me, there are several reasons — often times designers don’t get to design a piece from start to finish at a company where the product is somewhat mature. There are things I wish I could change with the real product (ie. color choices, existing features) but often times it’s not possible. That being said, I could give my work an artistic twist in my Dribbble portfolio, without my usual work constraints. My primary goal for posting on Dribbble is to practice my visual design skills. Similarly, I also primarily browse Dribbble for visual inspiration, not UX. I do believe everyone should be posting work thats both visually stunning and practical in real life and I try my best to tie them in my own work— it’s still a work in progress.

I hope that answers some of your questions!

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