Heart Posture

It has become very apparent to me through recent conversations that many of us struggle in finding balance between self love and wanting to show love. Many of those around me who seem to have their stuff together have been open & honest that it takes bravery to step outside one self, then beg the question… Do you even love yourself…first? Who’s approval are you actually seeking? What void are you trying to full fill? I’ve brought this topic up in numerous other posts, however this time it’s really beginning to resonate with me. It’s like the oxygen mask illustration; You cannot save someone that cannot breathe if you don’t first put on your oxygen mask, take in a breath of life, and then save the other person.

Where do you draw your love from? Who do you get poured into from? Are you a healthy well of love ready to out pour from the overflow? Or, are you like the millions of others, walking around in a dry desert, desperately seeking the sweet kiss of dew upon your lips only to drive away anyone who comes near the well you’ve found in fear you’ll die of thirst? I ask you these questions because it’s something I constantly find myself pondering.

How well do I love others and am I truly capable of showing this great love I often speak of? It’s a known methodology, you will only pass on what you already posses. So what’s the temperature of your heart?

People will encounter what is on the inside of your heart, especially when heat is applied. Going through the refiners fire is a heavy task that no one likes to endure. However, what comes from that is the burning away of dross, and what remains is the purist version of original form, the truest version of self if you will. These are some notes I took during a sermon on the topic. Maybe something you read will resonate with you. If it does, that means you found truth in it. And if you found truth in it, may it be good with you. And may you always display acts of true Love, for it is what this great world needs! Not another debate, not another scare tactic, not another platform to preach forced biased opinion from.. Simply to display… Love!

The greatest story is the story that out lives you.

The greatest message does not come from words.. It comes from your life.

1 Samuel 16:2

You cannot lead people if you are afraid of people.

People judge by the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

God shines through your life because of your heart.

He calls you & anoints you because of your heart posture.

When God awakens people’s hearts, he calls on the sons & daughters but equips mothers & fathers to be the ones to anoint.

Just because God called you to do something doesn’t mean it won’t fail.

There’s a time to mourn, but you cannot allow one chapter of one story to become the whole story. Do not live in that failure.

Allow God to write the last lines of that chapter & move on.

You’re holy because God writes your whole story. Your whole story is His whole story.

When you hid chapters or pieces you’re ashamed of, you hid God. We spend time trying to edit our own stories. Your whole story reveals his whole grace.

Joy comes in the morning.

He empowers you to walk out of the prison.

You’ve got to face things to get rid of it.

He will walk with you through it.

Just because you failed once, doesn’t mean you don’t fail again. Sometimes you’re called to do it again, it’s how he redeems you.

Whatever is broken in your life or family situation, God restores again.. 10 fold!

What you fill your life with, your life becomes.

Who knows who’s waiting for you on the other side of your failure.

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