Jar of Hearts

Truth, honesty, integrity.. where do these attributes exist anymore?

It’s like a someone pushed them in front of a buss carrying vanity, pride, & arrogance!

Not my normal start to a story, so I’ll have to paint a better picture for your vision.

Boy meets girl (why do these stories always start this way for me?! lol) girl isn’t interested.. game on he determines.

Day hike, dinner, movie, wine tasting, laughter, stories, hearts unlocking, eyes unavailing, truth, hurt, rawness, openness, falling, trusting, the battle has been won! Now what??

So then begins the phase you enter where you hold someone’s heart in the palm of your hands. What are you going to do with it?

Perhaps the first question really lies in, this.. whose hands did you place your own heart in?

Is it in your hands?

Is it in a precious loved one already?

Is it still in the cold hands of a previous love affairs?

Is it tied up in the unicorn fantasy?

Or (better still) is it in the caring hands of the author & creator of love?

I challenge to argue that if your answer isn’t the latter, you shouldn’t be holding someone else’s heart.. or as the pop culture song suggests, possessing a ‘Jar of Hearts’. It’s the sad truth in our society these days. From one heart break onto the next like a sick conquest to cover up the unresolved pain.

Hurting people hurt people. Healed people lead you to their healer.

At the closure of a “relationship” or even a courtship. Hearts were torn & tears were shed. Misunderstandings ripped a part self worth & esteem. It doesn’t have to end this way though. The beautiful outcome… the greatest lesson of forgiveness.

I firmly believe we all have a yearning to be loved and to be of significance because we were formed out of love, by the designer of love fashioned in grace & mercy.

When you enter any kind of relationship with another imperfect person you are bound to have disagreements and have unspoken expectations broken. Where the healing begins is by having grace and understanding that… you are also not perfect and in just as much need of forgiveness.

Such a beautiful transformation of the heart comes in surrendering it from hurt and discomfort to the gentle hands of the Father that heals and brings clarity, breaking the chains of guilt and shame.

Lean in to be transformed. A spirit lead life should be producing the Fruits of the Spirit of your life:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Long suffering
  • Gentleness
  • Self control

Against such there is no law.

The Spirit of God declares the spirit of fruit lives inside you. This should effect how I act and encounter other people in life’s journey.

I pray my life is a testimony of my Fathers great love. I am so far from perfect and will make mistakes again. Forging ahead taking with me the lessons I’ve learned and hopefully with more grace, compassion, understanding & love that comes from the overflow towards others.

I pray that you seek forgiveness dear reader and learn how to forgive. Sometimes it’s not for the offender, but for your spirit to be set free of the hurt and pain. It’s time to let go and be healed… from glory to glory!