Beyoncé vs. Adele 2017

2017 is in less than a month. Yes, it’s true. 2017 is closer than 2007 now. I feel like 2007 was only 5 years ago and I was a 3rd grader last year. Time is going by too fast and I feel like minutes are turning into seconds. Anyways, amidst time flying by faster than humanly possible, since 2017 will be here before we know it, it’s time to make some predictions for our year ahead.

Now, my predictions don’t affect the world in a great way. It has nothing to do with the election or world peace — it has to do with the 2017 Grammy Awards. There is big talk about Beyoncé versus Adele this year going head to head. Adele has released an album 25 versus Beyoncé’s Lemonade which are most likely going head-to-head for Album of the Year. If they aren’t nominated for Album of the Year, then they are for sure going to be nominated for at least a Song of the Year. Adele has already won a Grammy for Album of the with 21. The big question is, though, who will win this big “showdown”? I do believe both of them are incredible and have insane vocals. Beyoncé has a vast range and kills it every time she performs. Her new album is more known than Adele’s for sure. She is known as a “queen” because she slays us every single time she nails a song. Adele’s voice is pure and raspy, and can sound the same live as she does in the studio. She can put her crowd into tears by just one live performance because of the emotion of her voice.

My prediction for who will win this femme showdown would have to be Adele. With songs like “Hello”, “Send My Love”, and “When We Were Young”, I’m sad to say Beyoncé doesn’t stand a chance with pop songs such as “Sorry”. Adele’s emotional ballads are too strong and beautiful to pass up for Album of the Year. It’s very odd to be comparing these two artists, who have very unique styles of their own. Beyoncé has upbeat and dance songs, while Adele has uplifting and slow songs. Altogether, I would have to choose Adele because I think she deserves it. She clearly puts a huge amount of effort into her songs and loves them dearly, sometimes it even makes her cry. Anyone with that passion deserves to be crowned with the Album of the Year Award, and I predict Adele will be the one to take home that crown in 2017.

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