The Joy of Thanksgiving

Ahh, Thanksgiving, my second favorite time of the year. The time where people are getting ready for Christmas and some don’t even know it’s around the corner because they are too focused on Christmas. I love Thanksgiving but I have to say, Christmas is my favorite overall. Thanksgiving is definitely ab0ut family all around. My family has a tradition of going to Pittsburgh every year and it’s so blissful and fun. I get to see all of my mom’s side and visit my Grandma’s beautiful house. She always sets up her ginormous table with glitter and gold and makes the most delicious food. She starts the turkey at 6 in the morning and it’s not ready until at least 3pm. Grandma makes stuffing, jello, cheesecake, homemade sweet potatoes, and of course turkey. The best food is her dessert for sure, though. She has a whole table set up of treats like pudding, chocolate cake, cookies, pizzelles, pumpkin pie and and pretty much any other dessert you can name. I always love watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as well. It’s a tradition my family and I have and it’s always so much fun. I love seeing all the big floats and celebrities who perform. It’s such a cozy day with my family, I love it. After watching this, we’re pretty much cooking all day and watching football games. The house is always filled with an aroma of marshmallows and sweet potato pie. I really do believe Thanksgiving is all about family and love. I am especially thankful for my family. They have given me so much love over the years and I cannot thank them enough. My mom has done so much for me and sometimes I take that for granted and I love thanking her for all she’s done. I am thankful for my extended family for making me feel safe and welcome whenever I come to Pittsburgh. I am extremely close with my cousins on that side and I am thankful to have such a great relationship with them. Thanksgiving is also the first break we have where we get to relax and take a step back from schoolwork. I always look forward to the 2 day week before break and then I finally get to sleep in! Going to Pittsburgh relieves me of my stress as well. I was born there and visit at least 3 times a year and it feels like home. I love seeing my cousins, aunts and uncles as well who always have a smile on their face and inspire me to become a more grateful person.

Unfortunately though, I feel like lots of people take Thanksgiving for granted and just think of it as a closer countdown to Christmas. I believe Thanksgiving is just another gift from God given to us this Holiday Season. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmastime is the greatest time of the year! They should all be treated equally in my opinion.

Overall, I am extremely excited for this year’s Thanksgiving and can’t wait to live on the tradition. I love holiday season so much and can’t wait for it to continue on!

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