Ready to Change? Try This One Thing.

Are you at that point where you want to make changes in your life but you have no idea where to begin? I totally get how overwhelming that feels and how easy it is to get stuck when that happens. You feel like there are a lot of directions you can go in to make things different and to reach your goals but it feels really hard to start any of them. You’re not sure where to begin and you’re not sure if you should ask for help. Lately when you try to talk with your friends about what’s going on, you end up feeling more overwhelmed and frustrated because the conversation only leads to them complaining about their unhappiness

I’ve been there and I know how you feel. You’ve probably been living life on autopilot going from one activity to another without taking the time to enjoy or appreciate them. You’re ready to stop watching Oprah and actually start making changes but you can’t stay focused long enough to actually follow through on it. You’re tired of thinking about changing but never actually doing it.

There is something you can start doing right now that will lead to big changes in your life — — I did this and it led to changes in my life. You can start journaling. Journaling allows you to explore the changes that you want in your life in a safe space with no judgment. It allows you to explore solutions to what’s going on in your life and process your feelings so you can move forward from past situations that were dragging you down. You’ll become aware of when you’re judging yourself and notice your negative thoughts so you can let go of them.

I started journaling a few years ago when I was traveling on my own. I was actually kind of shocked at some of the insights I pulled out of what I thought was just a bunch of confusion circling around in my brain. I got the clarity I was looking for which actually allowed me to feel motivated and set goals that MATTERED to me (and no one else). I was rewarded with AHA moments and the release of bad memories and experiences. My confidence grew as I was able to figure out solutions on my own and develop and trust my intuition.

Sometimes I did get stuck and was unsure of what to write about or how to dig deeper into a situation. A little nudge or suggestion would have been helpful but I had no clue where to find that. Well after years of writing on my own, I have created an e-course to help YOU get clear on what you want more of in your life through journaling. This course will help you create a regular journaling habit (and self-care strategy) through the use of writing prompts that are sent straight to your inbox weekly so that you no longer have to waste time or money as you try to figure out where to begin.

The Live More e-course is not only super affordable so that you can do this in stress-free way, it’s also manageable as you get one writing prompt per week to work on over year (don’t worry — if you’re Type A and want to move more quickly through the course you’ll get access to all the material right away). Want to know more? Head over HERE to check it out.

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