The Best Ways to Stress Less

Sometimes when we’re stressed out, overwhelmed, or just feeling down, it feels as though it can take over our entire day… or life. A day at the beach isn’t always accessible so I just wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to stress+less when needed. Do one or all of these but just remember to enjoy it!

  1. Call a friend and brag about all the awesome stuff going on in your lives (no bitchfest allowed!)
  2. Watch an episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt(laugher=less stress)
  3. Release any negative feelings (who needs them?)
  4. Meditate (no need to get all Buddha-like — you can just sit still for a few minutes and focus on being in the present moment)
  5. Listen to Madonna/Bruce Springsteen/Bon Jovi (I’m a Jersey girl and I like 80s music… you got a problem with that?)
  6. Get or give yourself a manicure and pedicure in a fun color (no neutrals here — I think there is nothing like a shade of blue to pick me up)
  7. Step away from your couch/desk/whatever is stressing you out and treat yourself to a cup of coffee or tea out (Dunkin Donuts is my coffee of choice and Yogi Skin Detox is my tea of choice)
  8. Get some fresh air (skip this if it is below freezing outside)
  9. Send love to somebody (it can just be a thought but it’s even better if you call them)
  10. Add something to your gratitude journal (you don’t have a gratitude journal?? then start one!)
  11. Eat an avocado (who doesn’t like an avocado??? It’s a HEALTHY fat!)
  12. Look at pictures of teacup pigs (why oh why do they still end up weighing hundreds of pounds?? I’d seriously get one otherwise)
  13. Give yourself a 30 minute break to read something fun (preferably chick-lit with a pink cover)
  14. Put away the electronics for 30 minutes (for real — no e-mail, texting, funny youtube videos… shut it all down)
  15. Color (yes with a box of crayons and even a coloring book…. Others with artistic talent may choose to do a craft, paint, draw, or whatever else they desire, but coloring is the extent of my artistic talent and that’s okay)
  16. Plan your next vacation (nothing like daydreaming about a break at the location of your choice to help you calm down)
  17. LAUGH… seriously make yourself laugh (now you can check out a funny youtube video if that will do it)
  18. Wash your dishes (an empty, clean sink lifts my spirits IMMEDIATELY and it is also an opportunity to practice mindfulness)
  19. Love someone (think about them, call them, hug them, make a plan to see them, or all of these)


20. JUST BREATHE (nothing causes more tension than forgetting to breathe!)

Which one of these do you want to try first? Tell me in the comments. I can’t wait to hear how these go for you… feel free to share your experiences and your favorite ways to stress+less below…

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