Originally Published May 16th 2020

I’m so jealous. Most single, childless women are getting a quiet quarantine with their books, their thoughts or their hot boyfriend-of-the-moment. Not I said the fly! I’ve been in hell, a.k.a. living with my parents.

These aren’t normal parents. They’re stereotypical Italians who don’t get along with each other. They’re masterful at guilt and manipulation and when they talk they yell. It’s like Everybody Loves Raymond without the humor.

My dog Mathilda loves being here the way a kid loves visiting grandparents. She thinks every day is a big party. For that reason, Mathilda is…

By Nicole Loftus

Nicole Loftus is an entrepreneur bringing Americans together, investing, creating jobs and fueling innovations, because we all have skin in the game.

The infuriating headlines seem to be everywhere, “Softbank launches $100M Opportunity Growth Fund to invest in founders of color” and “A16z donor-advised fund for underserved founders with $2.2M in initial contributions.

Here’s why, as an entrepreneur, I find this frustrating. Why do they have to create a separate fund for Black Founders? Why are they not funding founders of color (and women founders) from their primary funds?

This is what Nitasha Tiku brilliantly refers to…

The Unelected Force Shaping American Life

By Nicole Loftus

Nicole Loftus is a proven entrepreneur on a mission to build a better model for funding founders and getting every American in the game.

As we continue to fight this pandemic and work toward the new normal, it’s the perfect time to take a hard look at the forces that claim to shape our lives and the ones that actually do. After many years of research I am shocked to uncover the breadth and depth of one system’s negative impact.

The most significant influence on 325 million American lives is not…

Nicole Guerrieri Loftus

Nicole is an entrepreneur bringing Americans together investing, creating jobs and changing the game for good because we all have skin in the game.

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