The Elusive Path

Growing up, reading was my passion. My best friends were a thief with one hand (The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen) and a young necromancer who was embarking on a journey in search of her father (Sabriel by Garth Nix). They taught me many valuable lessons and inspired me to begin my own theoretical adventure, one of danger and enlightenment…from the safety of my living room couch!

The thief and the necromancer assured me it was okay to want to become a novelist. They would embark on this adventure beside be, reminding me of all the hardships they had endured and how they always persevered. No matter what. Although this was only the beginning, I was convinced this was what I would spend the rest of my life striving towards: penning a story so powerful it would influence and shape others in the same manner these stories had shaped me.

Alas, somewhere along the way, my path took an unexpected turn. In high school, I no longer experienced the companionship I’d had when I was younger. My one-handed thief was curiously aloof, and my necromancer friend had moved on to some grander adventure — personal invitation illusory. Peer and social pressure waded in, unwelcome, yet strangely alluring. I slowly began to lose focus of the dream I had once held so dear.

In college, I discovered a new passion that was equally as exciting and captivating: design. I dove head-first into color theory, typography, layout — anything visual that enabled me to expend my pent-up creative energy . When I finally came up to breathe, the realization hit me that my writing dream had fallen by the way-side long ago. I can’t tell you the exact point in time that I lost my footing on the writing path. But lose it I did.

The passion for writing still runs in my veins. Like a fire. Although it has been dormant for some time, it has slowly been working its way to the surface and nagging me to venture back down its elusive path. A journey is tugging at my soul. I’ve no greater interest but to follow where it leads. Along the way, I hope to reunite with my long-lost companions — who will reiterate their stories of grand theft and underground adventure — and rekindle the passion that I once had for the beautiful craft of writing.

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