10 Fun Sexting Games to Play with Your Partner

Every couple experiences the yearning that comes with separation. Maybe you’ve been together for a few months and five minutes apart feels like a year. Or perhaps you’ve spent twenty years together. The ebb and flow of your journey has left a certain distance between you two.

For millennia couples have been sexting to improve their sex lives and share desires. It’s a tale as old as time.

Okay, that’s not true. But people have been sexting about as long as technology has allowed it. Humans are inventive creatures like that. We’ve come a long way from the rudimentary “HOT4U” texts our forecousins sent each other. It’s time to get crafty and up your sexting game. We’ve got you covered. Here are ten fun sexting games to play with your partner.

1. This or That

Most people know this game as “would you rather” and the options are less-than-desirable. Like being eaten alive by fire ants or burnt to a slow crisp.

This version is much better. Offer your partner two sexy scenarios and make them choose which one they like more. Next time you see each other, act out the situation(s) both of you selected. For example, does your partner want to drizzle chocolate syrup all over you and lick it off? Or would they prefer to be blindfolded so they can submit to all your pleasurable acts?

Much better than a mound of fire ants.

This game can teach you a lot about your partner’s desires. It can be a catalyst for conversations down the road about how to enhance your sexual connection.

2. Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good hunt? Next time you’re at your partner’s place, leave something risqué behind in a hidden place. It could be a sex toy, a book of sex positions, some lingerie, a stack of naked photos, or something else sexy as hell. A few days later, text your partner and let them know you left a seductive treat for them to find.

Then, offer them clues while they get hotter and hotter (and eventually find your prize). You can reward them next time you’re together by making good use of that treasure.

3. Boss Day

This game is especially popular with dom/sub couples. For the entire day, one of you gets to be the “boss” and tell the other what to do. Is your partner in a meeting with a client? Tell her to spank herself on the way in. Or, are they meeting with friends for dinner? Instruct him to spill beer on his chest in slow motion and rub his nipples afterward.

Your options are endless. You can recruit people to get pictures and video, to make sure your partner holds up their end of the bargain. And if they don’t, punish them appropriately.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can pick a day where one of you gets to plan other’s entire day. You get to make every decision; from where to go to which Starbucks to drink. Reward your partner by instructing them to do something sexy that involves you.

4. The Classic

Classic sexting usually included using words to send a randy message to your partner. And that’s mostly still true, but now you can augment them with audio recordings, pictures, and video.

Classic sex-texting still has a place in the world of sexting. It’s excellent foreplay for some of the other games mentioned here. It can also be fun to play when you’re sitting right next to each other, especially if there are other people around.

5. Memory Lane

Taking a stroll down memory lane can be a fun way to arouse provocative feelings you have (or had) with your partner. Ask if they remember the time you did [fill in the blank]. Talk about the time you had sex in a public place, played with your new favorite toy, or made love for the first time.

Mention details; relive the memory together. Ask them what their favorite sexual memory is. If you want to up the ante, you can follow-up by asking what their favorite fantasy is. In other words, what new memory do they want to make with you?

6. Truth or Dare

Everyone has played this vintage game at some point in their life. Playing over text adds a fun technological twist you can leverage in sexy ways. If your partner chooses truth, you have the safety of distance. You can let your wall down and ask them things you really want to know. What’s their favorite position? Are they open to BDSM or pegging? Would they be willing to try a threesome?

And if they choose dare, the sky’s the limit. You’re not bound by geographical limitations, like the room you’re in. You can ask for a naughty video, or dare them to do something and demand pictures or audio for proof.

7. Body Part Enigma

A good game for visual people. Snap a photo of a body part. It’s best to avoid filters and stickers, but you can adjust the lighting and cropping. Close-ups are the most fun because they’re abstract and take longer to guess.

You can trade-off between regular body parts and sexy parts to throw your partner off. Send a picture of your elbow, then one of your ass. Which is which? If they guess right, they get a sexy prize next time you’re together.

8. Sexy Reminders

This one is pretty straightforward. When you see something hot that gives you information or ideas, send it to your partner with a personal note. You might be browsing the web and peep a new position you want to try, or a sex toy that looks fun. Text your partner the link along with some photos.

You can make a few suggestions on how you want to make the most of that toy. Or give them a visual of what that new sex position might look like on you. You’ll both have something to look forward to next time you’re together.

9. Play-By-Play

Both of you find a private spot to masturbate. Give each other a detailed play-by-play of your masturbation. You can use text, audio, pictures, and video. Keep updating your partner as you near orgasm.

If you want to raise the bar, race each other to orgasm. Whoever reaches orgasm first (or last, depending on how you set it up) wins. The winner earns a special prize to be determined next time you see each other.

10. Emoji Decoder

As a general rule, you want to keep the emojis to a minimum when you’re sexting. The occasional winky face or suggestive eggplant is okay. But too many emojis knock your x-rated sext down to PG-13.

The one exception is this fun little game. Type out a sentence using nothing but emojis. Make sure there’s a sexy hidden message in your emoji text. An example might be:

[lips] [eggplant] [thumbs up]

After you send it, tell your partner to guess the meaning. If you want to take it further, give them three chances to guess right. If they do, send them a tantalizing prize.

Bonus: 7 Great Sexting Apps to Spice Up Your Game

The good news is, technology is on your side. Improvements in mobile tech continue to make their way into the palm of your hand. Your options are more diverse with each passing year. There are some excellent apps on the market, many of which are free, to help you fulfill your sexting desires.

Private Messaging

1. Snapchat. The original temporary image-messaging app. Even though it has since evolved, you can still use it for its original intended purpose. Send those sexy photos and watch them disappear!

2. Dust. It’s like Snapchat, for pictures and encrypted messages. The message disappears as soon as its opened and viewed/read. It’s a great way to test your partner’s visual memory.

3. Wickr. This app handles images, messages, and voice recordings. But fret not, the patented encryption on this bad boy is top-notch.

Face Chat

4. Messenger. Chances are, you probably already have Facebook Messenger and use it anyway. You can chat, call, or video chat.

5. FaceTime. Apple’s built-in video chatting service. Just find your partner’s contact on your device, select the FaceTime option, and ring them. Don’t forget to fix your hair.

6. Duo. It’s the closest thing Android has to the iPhone’s Facetime. It’s Google’s simple, reliable video chatting app for the Android platform. If you don’t like Duo, you can also use Hangouts.


7. Between. It’s like a digital scrapbook of your relationship. You and your partner share an account. You both upload cute pictures, exchange messages, and write notes. Aw. But let’s be real, your scrapbook isn’t complete without an XXX section. It’s an essential part of your relationship. So while you’re tracking your bi-anniversary, you might as well send a naughty message too.

Sexting games are a lot of fun to play. Modern technology has made them even better with more options for expression and delivery. Moreover, they can help open up an otherwise difficult line of communication between partners. Talking about sex isn’t always easy. Using the guise of a sex game can be a clever way of getting your partner to open up when other methods have failed.

If you’ve never sexted your partner before, try starting with something a little more tame. Don’t blast them with a picture of a 12” dildo halfway up your muff. Tell them you’ve been fantasizing about them all day or that you had a sexy dream last night (and be prepared to share details). Once you’ve established trust you can start pushing the boundaries. And push you shall.

Don’t start sending pictures and videos until you’re sure they’ll be welcomed. In fact, be prepared to hold out sometimes. Half the point of sexting is to tease your partner. The best tool you have for that in the game of sexting is to withhold goods. On some days, use your words, and only your words. Then surprise your partner with the visuals on other days. Keep them guessing.

The best thing you can do for your sexting game is to be trustworthy, unpredictable, sexy. If you follow through on those three things, your partner will think you’re irresistible.