Pornhub’s Sex Education Site May Actually Teach You Something

Nicole Atkins
Mar 3, 2017 · 2 min read
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Let’s face it. Most modern pre-teens learn about sex from watching porn, amirite?

Porn companies know this, but what can they do? The burden of responsibility falls into the laps of parents, to teach their kids what’s normal and acceptable in the “real world”, and what isn’t. We live in a world of exposure, for better or worse. The level of censorship is in the hands of the individual. That’s the beauty of personal agency.

Even so, the internet’s most popular porn site, Pornhub, has stepped forward to take on the task of educating viewers in a more conventional way.

Last month they released a free sub-site dedicated to sex education. The Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center features SFW articles that run the gamut of topics covered in a high school course. From basic health and STI facts, to dealing with awkward sexual encounters. Not only that, they also cover material most adults learn the hard way, or not at all. Dispelling myths about bisexuality, the importance of consent, and lesbians’ favorite positions.

The site is run by a credible psychologist and sex therapist, with contributions from specialists in the field. This isn’t your Uncle Joe’s underground blog of sexual antics. These are people you would usually pay good money to get advice from.

This development comes at a good time, with growing criticism of the porn industry. Pornhub’s efforts to educate show a softer, more responsible side of the network. Their slogan is, “real talk about sex from those who know it best.” Who can argue with the legitimacy of that? It’s reminiscent of the coming-of-age saga where our young virgin hires a seasoned sex worker to lay the groundwork for mind-blowing sex.

The site probably won’t make you an overnight Sex God(dess), but it does have the potential to impart advice you may be embarrassed to seek elsewhere. Grab the whole family and have a sit-down, courtesy of Pornhub.

And if you really want to learn how to kink up your sex life, there’s always the main site.

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