Why Paris Geller’s Bathroom Breakdown In ‘Gilmore Girls’ Matters For Women
Julianne Ishler

Yeah, um no… This lost me at Hillary. As a Dem and a woman, I find this comparison cringe-worthy. The Democratic primary was rigged for Hillary. That’s not comparable to Paris and the empty brief case. And Hillary is not indicative of people being afraid of female power. It’s indicative of people not liking that she stole the nomination from the rightful nominee. Paris may have her issues, but being a cheat is not one of them. You trivialize the struggles women face when you paint Hillary as a victim. It was known during the primaries that she couldn’t beat Trump in the general, because she’s that bad of a candidate, but her cronies forced her down our throats anyway. In addition to her scandals, she repeatedly made rookie campaign mistakes… she’s the one person that could lose to someone as clueless as Trump. If a different woman had run, we’d have a different president elect… and if Bernie had gotten the nomination he earned, we’d have President-Elect Sanders right now. #StillSanders #NeverHillary