CARDANO Labo workshop on re-shaping the future of Gaming!

Ho Chi Minh city, August 2016

Following monthly workshop initiative of CARDANO Labo, the third workshop on Gaming and Esports — the latest trends and business approaches took place at CARDANO Labo office in District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.

This has been recorded as one of our most diverse workshops as the audience ranges from students, office workers, developers to freelancers. All of the participants have shared their excitement and eagerness to understand more about the latest trends in Gaming and Esports and also the curiosity about the unprecedented technology of Blockchain.

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Welcome to one of our most diverse audiencies — gaming enthusiasts coming from all walks of life!

The workshop started with gaming overview and trend by Ho Quan — Game System Engineer of CARDANO Labo. Gaming industry has been leaping 8.5% in 2016 vs. 2015 with revenue hovering around 100 billion USD. Esports, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and specifically Blockchain have been named among key trends that help igniting growth of the exciting industry of gaming.

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HUY Pham from GIANTY introducing Esports history and overview

Following the enthusiasm of Esports, Huy Pham from GIANTY Vietnam shared numerous interesting information about Esports history, community development and also specific figures on operational cost, revenue and profits of one of the leading companies in Vietnam in gaming industry. The audience was quite surprised at the massive earning and also hefty costs breakdown for companies doing development and publication of games in Vietnam.

I found cryptocurrency and Esport also Esports market information really interesting as this is the first time I have been introduced to cryptocurrency. I would really love to try using that once.”

NAM Phan — Account Manager / Business Analyst at Sentifi

Consequently, Arman Ospan — Supervisor of Gaming Labo, CARDANO Labo shifted the attention to Blockchain technology — also acclaimed as one of the key game changers in gaming industry on global scope. As a distributed ledger, blockchain allows information to be recorded chronologically, transparently and immutably so that everyone can equally get access to the information. Once powered with smart contract, blockchain ushers various applications in various businesses from voting, asset registration to tournament organization.

“The workshop was quite informative. I was quite surprised at the revenue figure of gaming industry in Vietnam. It also showcases how immense market potential in gaming is for Vietnam market”

Matias ORLANDO — CEO at Mercuriel (Switzerland) cum. Organizer of Magento Saigon meetup

This is where blockchain gaming is taking the toll. Viet Anh — Game Producer Assistant of CARDANO Labo brought to the stage a visual sample of blockchain gaming outputs through Peerplay story. Micro-transaction, crowdfunding and tournament organization are namely key areas where blockchain can bring distinctive added values and ensure the integrity and cost effectiveness for gaming and Esports in general.

The workshop was wrapped up by representative of Virtual Reality community in Vietnam. Khanh Nguyen — also VR event coordinator for Google Developers Group delivered an engaging demonstration and introduction on how to enjoy VR at home just with a device and a smart phone. Also he shared that VR is now on the way to fully fledge in Vietnam and offered support for entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and developers who want to integrate VR in their businesses.

Workshop participants discussing with workshop speakers

The audience still lingered for quite sometime after the workshop to discuss in details with our speakers on various topics related to trends and business approaches in gaming. Around 80% of the participants rated satisfied and very satisfied with the workshop proceedings. Over half of participants were fascinated by the presentation and VR demonstration while ⅓ of the audience also enjoyed the networking opportunities. We are thankful for your attention and support and we hope to continue this energetic mood in our workshops to come!

“I wish we had had more time with blockchain gaming. The applications of blockchain in general and also in gaming are quite fascinating” — TOMO Huynh — Board member of SHIELD

About CARDANO Labo Vietnam

To visualize blockchain contribution to local and regional economy, CARDANO Labo has positioned itself as the leading blockchain research and development startup focusing on blockchain-empowered Fintech and gaming industry. We are keen on bringing this technology to a broader audience where people will have better access and opportunities to enjoy their lives through unprecedented technical solutions.

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