17: Byron Bay, Christmas in Nimbin

Didn’t want to go to Byron Bay… then went, met great people, and didn’t want to leave. Had yoga classes in a backyard jungle studio, set to the sounds of lizards, frogs, and birds. Celebrated summer solstice with a bonfire and chanting. Hiked to the lighthouse at Cape Byron and saw some dolphins. Watched a (cute but aggressive) bird repeatedly stick its beak in a neighbors plate at a cafe (she watched it, too). Ate the most incredible acai bowl. Had sore everything from riding a bike with flat tires, but was too lazy to fill them. Sat at a creek and watched a goanna (giant lizard) look for food. Watched Love Actually with my Nimbin hosts on Christmas Eve. Had my first vegetarian Christmas. Saw a pademelon with a baby in its pouch. Stopped doing yoga to spy on a bush turkey. Ate way too many of the most delicious biscuits (biccys).

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