Good day! Its Nicole Rose P. Almontero. As instructed we will make our journal right? But I want it to be lively so mind if I put colors on it? Ready? Im about to share my first week in school. So do you find it fun? Boring? Or whaaaat?

Because for me, my second week was like hell gooosh it is so tiring, All of those assignments and requirements to comply given by our teachers. Anyways, I like our new room, it is much bigger! I also met new classmate, She is Tanya she’s kind and also a happy person.

To elaborate further, Let me ride you back to my first day. I find it easy because the teachers only recap last year’s discussion. We also had a game in Science, related to human blood and heart. We also answered an activity in Math and my gooosh I was mentally block at first, but then I remembered the formula to that problem later.

On my third day, I was due to my asthma and a high fever, I thought it was just cough but then it suddenly felt so bad, and I cannot come to school because of it. On the next day, because of my absent, I missed a lot of activity, quizzes, seatworks and etc. And omggg also because of my absent, I really had hard time answering our Filipino quiz and I think I failed it

Just this friday, because I am one of the officers and we had our meeting so I got home late together with the other officers. But, before I went home. Faye, Sofia Casuyon, Angel, Chris and I had auditioned at Musikabataan, and I’m very happy, Not only because I am still luckily part of it, But also because of our new members but also sad because some of our members already graduated. I specially missed our Ate Alex De Veyra and also Kuya Kim Dolor because both of them, we know that they really are good singers. I can’t help myself, I am really amazed of how soft and smooth they voices are.

Well, I guess that’s it. Over all I am happy getting back to school. I can really feel that this school year is really amazing, full of adventures, learnings and excitements. Gotta go, until next time!

Nicole Rose P. Almontero.
Grade 09 - Our Lady of Manaoag
Ms. Khris Marie San Diego
First journal.