Exercising One’s Mind and Body

We all have insecurities of our own, but the worst one personally has to be feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. At any age, it’s hard to go out and socialize and feel secure when you look around and compare yourself to others, who appear comfortable and confident. With all the work and tasks in our stressful day and age, it can be difficult to make time to take action. What if I told you there is a place that makes all the difference you can possibly imagine, it’s the perfect place to change all this, at your local recreation center. I discovered this not so secret, secret, at Western Washington Universities Wade King Student Recreation Center, being a new freshman on campus was really difficult for myself. That is until I discovered the gym, it’s filled with endless opportunities to change yourself physically and mentally. Slowly I discovered that there was so much to do at the Wade King Student Rec Center; escape from everything going on, expand my horizons with new workouts, and even enter a new sense of peace within myself. It’s a place where achieving goals is made a shared interest.
Now most of us have a very common goal that begins at the start of the new year, which we may or may not be aware of, maybe because for most it’s quickly forgotten. To work out and get fit to actually be ready for summer when the time rolls around, “it’s the best New Year’s Resolution that will help us become so healthy and change the year for the better,” we tell ourselves…but then somehow those five months pass like five-minutes and you wonder, what happened? Endless lists of excuses run through everyone’s head that “just couldn’t make it,” or “had no motivation left,” or were “too busy with work and school.” Once you find the right the gym and get going, it’s hard to not to want to go back. Wade King had that amazing effect on people, walking in is not as hard as walking out. It’s basketball court is similar to the one in the movie High School Musical, with the lights beaming down in a smooth setting, glossy clean floors, guys running around playing game after game. There is even an indoor rock wall similar to the one in REI stores. The rock wall offers different level trails, top of the line equipment and workers to help you stay safe while having fun!
Each day that one step inside makes you feel like you’ve already accomplished what you wanted to, getting yourself to the place that once meant hard training for physical achievement. In this whole new world, every second feels like it will count and make all the difference. The sounds of active machinery, weights dropping, fans going, motivational screams and heavy breathing fill the air. The rec center maximizes the use of natural light with windows in place of walls. While working out on the machine you are able to look out at the windows and see the vision of the outdoors that you will soon be exiting with a new mindset and processing body. With such a distraction it is easy to lose track of the time passing, in the Wade King Student Rec Center the view of the endless evergreen really takes my mind somewhere else. That moment you begin to find and mold this new self you’re re-creating, that is the moment you realize that going to the gym is more than just working out for that summer body, it’s finding that mental and physical body peace you’ve never had before. 
 This new discovered place is a wonderful exploring ground that makes you want to get to know every possibility in every corner. The Wade King Student Rec Center has a full standard size pool that makes you want to jump right in. The pool is a clear sky blue color that reflects the sky outside. The theme of natural light continues in aquatic center and offers a view of campus trails for those that come to sit and enjoy the hot tub. The clean new equipment and modernized look is very welcoming to all. For those that are looking to start the new year in a new way, maximizing the aquatic center is a great option. There’s so much opportunity and activities to try and explore. From aqua yoga to water Zumba, there are endless events offered every week in almost all rec centers. For those that want a change from the treadmill, the indoor track provides a change of pace. The rec center offers classes and training sessions as well. Most rec centers even have club sports that take place to jump right in and discover a new found hobby. Hanging out in the gym and joining in on circular activities are a great way to make friends and workout buddies.
Rec centers can entail many benefits, as a Western Student I have access to the rec center anytime at no cost. Now before you start wondering if it’s worth it, ask yourself is that feeling of a freeing whole new peaceful world worth it? The next time you start giving yourself excuses like “no motivation” or “no time” remember all the perks of the rec center. By having a positive mindset and getting yourself there you will find that there are provides several ways to have a fun fast work outs and leave yourself with a healthy new mindset. 
Once I got started going I couldn’t stop, slowly as I made progress overtime I started to feel more familiar with the gym and more confident about myself. Discovering what worked for me was the first step, making it a habit during my two-hour class gap felt incredible. Relieving stress and making a difference in my body felt incredible and my day easier to continue with. It’s important to be healthy and happy, with all the stress and loads of work it can be hard to do so. A huge factor in achieving this mental relaxation is exercising. Running is a great way to escape, not only your thoughts but workload. I found that my stress and anxiety levels went down an incredible amount at the end of the day.
Everyone needs a break from hours of work, or even during a lazy day. A good workout is a great way to take a break and relieve stress along the way, while feeling incredible about utilizing your time and resources. There are televisions in each workout room and on every treadmill you can use to watch a show you love or even catch up on the news. Most rec center gyms may have windows but the view is breathtakingly incredible at Western Washington Universities Wade King Student Recreation Center, you have to see it for yourself. It takes your mind to another state of wonder. It’s worth to check out if you’re ever on the West Coast, this gym is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Beautiful classy wood lining surrounding the long glass windows, the exterior is phenomenally built as you can see in the picture at the top.
“It’s never easy at first but once you get there, you amaze yourself with what you’re actually capable of doing. My old school’s gym is nothing compared to Western’s. I myself wasn’t much of a gym person until I actually went to just check it out one day, I now go five times a week!” said Shay Widom-North, a transfer sophomore student. She is now preparing to be a yoga teacher this spring. The gym is filled with similar students hard at work, it’s never easy but once you get there you won’t ever want to stop. It feels comforting being in there with everyone working on themselves and being motivate by others around. There’s something for everyone, it doesn’t even take much searching.
At the end working out many students treat themselves to a heathy protein shake just inside the gym as they exit at Rock’s Edge Cafe. They serve all types of fun delicious smoothies, from Peach On the Beach to Mango Me Crazy. Each smoothie offers students with the perfect protein boost to continue with their day. Hard work pays off in the long run and getting a protein shake can be a great way to indulge in a healthy way. Or if you prefer to just relax and sooth that muscle pain take a step or two into the hot tub and relax there for a little while. According to Core Performance, a fitness website, one of the 5 Best Things to do After Every Workout, is a good cool down of going back and forth between a cool pool and hot tub. This helps stimulate blood flow and muscle recovery with hardly any effort. This can be done easily in the aquatic area of your rec center, with everything at tips of your fingers.
A recreation center is a place where you can go to find inner peace of mind and self through many activities. It is more than just a gym or place to work on your summer image. It has a great sense of community and motivation that is constantly being shared throughout the day. The phenomenal view, amazing equipment and countless activities keep you very busy. If you’ve never gone before, the visit is worth your while. Take action and continue that New Year’s resolution. Find body peace and don’t stop there, a healthy mind and body doesn’t come from walking around all day. Stop running away from your problems, stress, and insecurities, and start running it off at that local recreation center. Make your lifestyle one you can feel good and comfortable in.