PRODUCT REVIEW! May Designs (Nicole Schlinger Recommendation)

Nicole Schlinger
As the fantastic Mica May of May Designs said, “Life is too short for ugly notebooks.” Check out her fantastic line of customizable notebooks at Nicole Schlinger

As I mentioned in my introductory post HERE … every once in a while, I’ll share my thoughts on how to organize goals, to-do lists, and even the list of books you’ve read or want to read.

Today’s review is about May Designs.

Mica May is the founder of May Designs, and an all around awesome entrepreneurial spirit. A designer by trade, she made her own notebooks to take to meetings and her clients and colleagues took notice.

May Designs started out with customizable notebooks, and while they are expanding to become a lifestyle brand, I believe the notebooks are the real star of the show.

Notebooks come in three sizes. You choose your pattern. You choose your personalization. And then you choose your inside pages. You can change up your slogan based on what you are tracking, your mood, or the time of year.

Unlike a big bulky planner … you can get a new May Book once every few months. They run anywhere from $15 — $28, depending on the size, quantity, and level of personalization.

My favorite is the undated “Weekly Agenda + Graph.”

Here is a small sample of my recently used May Books. Nicole Schlinger

Check it out this week … they are running at 25% off entire site with the code “Welcomefall.”

Remember what Getting Things Done author David Allen says … your mind is meant for thinking, not for storing. Get yourself a May Book and get the clutter out of your head.

Nicole Schlinger

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Nicole Schlinger is a business owner, book lover, and dog owner.

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