And How We UX’ed The Litigation Out of It.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) Technology — the first hurdle me and my team face embarking our 2 week design sprint, what is it, what does it entail in regards to this project and what the UX does it have anything to do with the legal space? Hold on to your briefcases because this is going to be an illegally drawn out journey.

Let’s rewind a bit — So, we are hired on as an external design team:

Luke Jenkins — Lead Interviewer/Research, Michael Reiss — Account Manager/Research, Me — Scrum Master/Research

For a legal technology start up company (undisclosed for…

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Image for post
Doodle I did of my breakfast, a week before UXDI!

As a new student of UX Design Immersive (started 4/22/19) at General Assembly, I know all too well how time can be both your best friend and your best frenemy all rolled up into a questionable burrito.

The conclusion of my first big UX project gave me all of the feels as I struggled to redesign a feature in an existing app that is supposed to help busy GA students like myself communicate to the members of the outside world that we care about consistently.

Nicole So

A professional doodler, foodie and UX Researcher/Designer.

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