To our ConvertKit Family:

We know that it’s been difficult to get a hold of us in the last few weeks. It seems like Chat is always busy, and our email responses are coming too late. We know you deserve better, so I want to share a little peek at what we’re working on to fix it!

Chat Availability

We’ve outgrown our current live chat tool and are making the transition to a tool that serves you better! …

At Craft + Commerce, we announced an all new way to understand your ConvertKit account performance: the Subscriber Graph!

With the Subscriber Graph has come some really exciting new changes and updates, all centered around better understanding the performance of your list!

New app dashboard

Now, when you log into your account, you’ll go directly to your Subscribers page and see your last 6 months of subscriber growth by default.

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How do I access the old dashboard?

It still exists on your Forms page! Simply click “Forms” at the top to access your Forms and your opt-in graph.

My graph numbers don’t match my list.

At Craft + Commerce, we announced one of our biggest features ever: Purchases!

UPDATED 8/8: WooCommerce is now available, and we are now syncing Shopify & Gumroad history in full.

UPDATED 7/18: progress on Stripe fixes, added more common questions

Purchases allows you to go to any Subscriber’s Profile, see exactly what products they’ve purchased and how much money they’ve spent with you.

Purchases also gives you the functionality and flexibility of Tags, without the setup time. Once you connect your ecommerce platform your products will be automatically loaded into your account.

Now, as with all great new features, there have been many great questions! We’ve compiled some of the most common ones here for you, as well as a preview of what’s to come. We’ll be updating this post as we make progress, so be sure to bookmark and check back over the coming days and weeks!


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