Which program should you use to take your mastermind meeting notes?

Gee, I wonder if the creator of takebetternotes.com has some opinions about note taking programs?


Everything I write about below is based on actual, personal experience during a mastermind meeting.


Microsoft who? I love my MacBook Pro, and I love the programs that came with it. If you have a Mac, you don’t need Microsoft Office unless a) you use it specifically for your job or school b) it’s 2003.

Pages works great, and has more formatting options than you need to make your notes nice looking.

And when I say more options then you need, I want to caution you about getting too format-happy. Formatting your notes should always serve your content, so don’t expense function for form. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Format in a way that helps you (and your group if you’re sharing) process and retain the meeting’s information.

My Mastermind Meeting Notes Template is formatted for Pages! Get it here.


Nothing beats a good plain text editor. If you are distraction-prone, a plain text editor is a great way for you to focus on the notes and the meeting, and worry about the formatting later. Especially if you are tasked with taking notes for the entire group, the last thing you want is to be distracted and miss an important meeting moment!

I like FocusWriter, but occasionally I’ll use the Mac TextEdit, or editpad.org for quick plain text notes.


This is AWESOME if you use a Facebook Group to communicate. You can write your notes directly into Facebook! There are even a little bit of formatting options, like bolding and italicizing. Facebook Notes are a super lightweight option, when you don’t want to open another program — which can be an important consideration if you’re using a heavy video platform.


Slack has a Posts feature built in (not to be confused with Snippets). I’ve used it occasionally, and personally I find it out of place with Slack’s functionality. This is actually remarkably similar to the Facebook editor, with limited formatting options. If you are using Slack to communicate with your group, this is another all-in-one solution.


I’ve used Evernote on and off for this purpose, but I don’t really like it for note taking. I think Evernote’s best purpose is organizing, not word processing. I would almost rather take the notes in another program, then paste them into Evernote for safekeeping, then take notes directly in Evernote.


The best way to collaborate with your group, for free. I like to write a lot of things in Google Docs (I wrote this in Google Docs!), I think the writing and formatting process is smooth and easy to use. Not to mention that Google Docs is super easy to share after the meeting is done.

Plus, it’s highly collaborative, so you and your groups members could be taking notes at the same time on the same doc, which could either be a total nightmare or super cool!


Ah, yes. The good old pen and paper. Hard to beat, especially if you’re taking personal notes, but hard to share with the group. If you must take handwritten notes, consider getting a tablet, or using Evernote to digitize and share.

It doesn’t really matter what note taking platform your choose, just that you are comfortable taking notes, and that it’s easy to share with the group if you choose to do so, or easy for you to find later.