To our ConvertKit Family:

We know that it’s been difficult to get a hold of us in the last few weeks. It seems like Chat is always busy, and our email responses are coming too late. We know you deserve better, so I want to share a little peek at what we’re working on to fix it!

We’ve outgrown our current live chat tool and are making the transition to a tool that serves you better! …

At Craft + Commerce, we announced an all new way to understand your ConvertKit account performance: the Subscriber Graph!

With the Subscriber Graph has come some really exciting new changes and updates, all centered around better understanding the performance of your list!

New app dashboard

Now, when you log into your account, you’ll go directly to your Subscribers page and see your last 6 months of subscriber growth by default.

At Craft + Commerce, we announced one of our biggest features ever: Purchases!

UPDATED 8/8: WooCommerce is now available, and we are now syncing Shopify & Gumroad history in full.

UPDATED 7/18: progress on Stripe fixes, added more common questions

Purchases allows you to go to any Subscriber’s Profile, see exactly what products they’ve purchased and how much money they’ve spent with you.

Purchases also gives you the functionality and flexibility of Tags, without the setup time. Once you connect your ecommerce platform your products will be automatically loaded into your account.

Now, as with all great new features, there have been many great questions! We’ve compiled some of the most common ones…

Being a blogger is hard.

You have to create amazing content, you have to promote the heck out of it. You have to fail fast and go with the punches and iterate or die and #hustle, and then, if that weren’t enough, you have to justify exactly what it is you do.

ConvertKit knows this struggle all too well. It’s a platform built for bloggers, by bloggers. (Full disclosure: I’m one of those bloggers. I work at ConvertKit!) Nathan Barry, ConvertKit CEO, was determined to change the perception of blogging from a hobby to a legitimate career.

Watch him explain…

I have a lot of ideas for online businesses. A nice way someone might put it is “multi-passionate.” A mean way — and sometimes true way! — might be “flaky.”

One day, I decided to write out every idea. Taking them out of my head made them either good or terrible. The terrible ones got axed, but now the good ones were suddenly real.

By day I work at a SaaS company, where new features and fixes are important to communicate, so we do it on a roadmap:

I decided to apply this framework to my own ideas —…

I was a ConvertKit customer before I was an employee. I signed up, ready to grow my list and my business with the most powerful-yet-easy-to-use email marketing tool. I set up some forms, some basic sequences, and then I got hired on the Customer Success team (PS- If you have any questions about Visual Automations or anything ConvertKit related, you can ask me at I’d love the hear from you!).

I teach people how to get the most out of their masterminds. I have had some amazing and really powerful experiences in masterminds, and I credit it to taking…

The team at our January 2017 retreat to Oceanside, San Diego

The ConvertKit Team is entirely remote. That means that we work from our home offices, our bedrooms, our vans, coffee shops, co-working spaces, or airports most days. There are a lot of benefits to remote work, but there are pitfalls too. One of them is the absence of in-person connection.

I’m an extrovert (I know because the ConvertKit team all took 16 personalities to find out) which means I get my energy from other people. …

Gee, I wonder if the creator of has some opinions about note taking programs?


Everything I write about below is based on actual, personal experience during a mastermind meeting.


Microsoft who? I love my MacBook Pro, and I love the programs that came with it. If you have a Mac, you don’t need Microsoft Office unless a) you use it specifically for your job or school b) it’s 2003.

Pages works great, and has more formatting options than you need to make your notes nice looking.

And when I say more options then you need…

The first key to success is to take notes during every meeting.

Consistency and practice are key. The best way to take some good notes is to take some really bad ones. I’m going to guess you’ve had some practice in school, so your worst notes are likely behind you.

Note taking is something that anyone can be good at, though if you’re reading this, you might think that you aren’t, or you can’t be.

But just like any skill, notetaking can be learned!


You learn to quickly process someone else’s words in a way that will make sense for…

A knowledge base is like the help center for a lot of apps and websites, also sometimes called documentation. Over the last few months I’ve been writing extensively for the ConvertKit Knowledgebase as part of my full time gig.

My kb (that’s what we call it) publishing strategy is “get it out as soon as possible.” This strategy serves a strategic purpose, as our Knowledgebase is the first place customers go to find an answer to their question. The more articles on the knowledgebase, the more answers to questions.

In this way, a knowledgebase isn’t really like a traditional blog…

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