A Downloadable Guide for Coloring Grayscale Eyes & Feathers

Colorist: Jones Flores. Coloring Book: Beautiful Creatures

In this post you will find:

  1. A step-by-step guide (by Jones Flores) for coloring the owl from Beautiful Creatures, including detailed instructions on coloring the feathers and the eyes. These instructions are available in both an online format and a downloadable version (available at the end of the blog post).
  2. A downloadable practice sheet for testing out the eye and feather coloring techniques outlined in the guide.

Jones Flores has very kindly shared with me two fantastic grayscale coloring guides she created. One is specifically for the owl in Beautiful Creatures and the other is for the leaf with the water drops in Beautiful Nature (I will be sharing that one at a later date). Jones’ sister Julie (the painter!) has created and shared with me a wonderful grayscale painting guide for the hillside picture in Beautiful Nature. I will also be sharing that one with you in a future blog post so be sure to check back! For now, we will be focusing on the owl.

Below you will find Jones’ step-by-step directions for coloring the owl (a downloadable version of the guide is also provided at the end of the post), with detailed guidance on coloring the eyes and the feathers. Be sure to download the practice sheet (at the bottom of the post) that I created to go along with her instructions so you can test out Jones’ techniques before coloring the complete owl in your coloring book. I think you’ll find the guidance from Jones will also be very helpful when coloring anything else with eyes and/or feathers.

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Choosing Colors

The colors that Jones uses (other than black and white) are just suggestions. Also, the brand of colored pencil doesn’t matter. Feel free to use other colors &/or brands. What is important is that you are paying attention to the lightness or darkness of the colors that you are using being sure to match them to the level of the gray you are coloring over. Therefore, for the feathers below you could easily use browns, greens, reds or any other family of colors instead of blues.

​As you will see in the “Coloring Stages” image towards the end of this post, Jones uses several different colors for different sets of feathers on the owl. With each color “family” she is applying the same coloring approach but just using a different set of colors. The great thing about grayscale coloring is that the grayscale can guide you on where and when to use light vs. dark colors.

Coloring the Feathers

Coloring the Eyes

Coloring Stages

Download the Practice Sheet

Below you will see the practice sheet I have created to accompany the guide by Jones. Download it here.

Download the Complete Grayscale Coloring Guide for the Owl

To download the complete grayscale coloring guide outlined above, click here.

I hope you have found this post helpful. There are more tutorials (both written and video) on the way so make sure to check back!

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Happy Coloring!