Pay your writing friends — with someone else’s money

by Katya Austin

Did you know that by engaging with your friends’ content on Medium, you help them get paid? And there’s lot’s more you can do — 100% free of charge.

Making a living as a writer is difficult. It has always been and will always be — no matter how much content circulates online and how many companies scream for content production. Especially writers who’re looking to create unbiased content (not paid for by a corporation, not branded) may have it even harder today than a century ago.

But it’s not difficult to support your writing friends.

Here are 5 free things you can do to help them out. They literally don’t cost you a penny and more than a couple of seconds of your valuable time.

  1. Share their content. No matter if they publish work on Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or send you a newsletter. Even if you have a small network, your share can help dozens of other people discover your friend’s writing. And it can make all the difference — to help them get paid work or to just keep them motivated.
  2. Like their content. I get it, we’re constantly overwhelmed by the amount of content on our timelines. Does one more like even count? Yes. Yes, it does. Your like can be that extra boost of motivation that sparks a writer’s will to create more content. It shows you care. About them and their passion. Trust me, it means the world to us.
  3. Clap for their content (on Medium). Creating an account on Medium takes under 30 seconds and thanks to Medium’s paywall, actually helps writers get paid. Every clap on a Medium article translates into money for the writer. Pretty cool, right? Plus, did you know you can clap up to 50 times per article? So hit that clap button and don’t let it go.
  4. Comment on their content. Maybe not everything your writer friend puts out there appeals to you, but if there’s an article you find valuable or truly enjoy, tell them in a comment. Getting your support is great, but seeing you actively engage with the content and value it is a writer’s most-cherished compliment and one of the only benefits of publishing content online.
  5. Recommend them to someone. Is a contact looking for a writer for their business? Do you need to run some emails by a professional? Recommend your friend. Chances are that even if they don’t end up getting the gig, they’ll be expanding their network. And for writers, having a network of relevant contacts is extremely important — for exposure and for work opportunities.

It really is that easy to support your writing friends. Most of this advice also works for other creatives trying to make it, like designers or illustrators sharing their work online. If you can do just one of the 5 things in this list, you’re making a creative happy. We’ll be grateful — guaranteed.

Hi, I’m Nicole. I write copy, poetry, and all kinds of other stuff for a living.

Nicole Alexandra Michaelis

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