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I understand what you mean. I should’ve blocked someone the other day for something similar. This person had posted overtly racist, “BlackLivesMatter activists are a terrorist group” type ideas supported with sources from an extremely biased, racist “news source.” It wasn’t directed at me and wasn’t on anything I’d written, so I didn’t respond. I should have. Your post here reminds me that it’s absolutely acceptable and right to do so!

It’s fine to have disagreements with people. It’s fine to be on polar opposites of the political spectrum (or any other spectrum for that matter). It’s another thing altogether to be hateful, rude, biased, and bigoted. I don’t stand for that either. I do my best to teach my students, kids, and anyone else in my sphere of influence that we can always respectfully and tactfully disagree with accurate, fair, and credible evidence.

Be well. Keep writing and standing up for what you believe in!

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