Vocabulary — (article)Millennials across the rich world are failing to vote

apathy: (n) not being interested in sth/disinterest ; lack of interest, action (inaction) or emotion (emotional detachment). Could be used for whole segment of population eg voter apathy (lack of interests among voters), student apathy, consumer apathy. Related: detachment, uninterested, lack of involvement, dispassionate, passivity, lack of enthusiasm

→ The campaign failed because of public apathy.
→ I have heard therapists say that in old people, withdrawal, depression and apathy are normal.
→ Many health education campaigns are still greeted with apathy.
apathetic voters (adj)
→ He signaled the need for politicians to combat
public apathy by reestablishing trust.
→ I find it very difficult not to sink into a
state of apathy going to work because it’s the same day after day.
→ We may not be able to institute change, but apathy is the death of all dialogue and debate.
→ Voter turnout is expected to be lower than in 2015, partly because of increased apathy.

abstention: (n) 1. the act of not voting ; การไม่ลงคะแนนเสียง

→ There were high levels of abstention in the last elections.
→ There were ten votes in favor, six against and three abstentions.
→ There were seven abstentions and just four voted in favor of the plan.
→ His abstention is a political statement on the sorry state of Israel’s politics.

disaffected: (adj) dissatisfied(or upset) with the people in authority and no longer willing to support them.

→ The disaffected youth from poor neighbourhood.
→ The party needs to take steps to attract
disaffected voters.
→ Current violent crime has been readily attributed to
disaffected black youths.
→ Some disaffected members left to form a new party.
→ They were organized mostly on social media by young Nigerians, a
disaffected generation with the courage to act.
→ The party aimed to lure disaffected Black voters.
→ There are a number of
disaffected people who sometimes cause violence.
→ These
disaffected young men yearned for a day when New York police officers would safeguard the futures of children in low-income neighbourhoods as they would their own.
→ (n)
disaffection: Many other young Israelis share his disaffection.


  • state governments routinely suppressed the black vote
  • weaken the political voice of the young
  • fading influence
  • millennials do not see voting as a duty, and therefore do not feel morally obliged to do it
  • tailored to their preferences
  • consume the news
  • vote for an all-or-nothing bundle of election promises
  • millennials are the group least likely to be swayed by political promises
  • a message crafted for voters
  • many youngsters regard refusing to vote as a way to express dissatisfaction with the choices on offer
  • they have the power to shape institutions around them
  • foster (encourage; promote) political engagement
  • scarred by the Holocaust
  • cast a ballot

suppress: (v) to stop people from opposing the government, esp. by using force ; to prevent development or action ; forcibly put an end to

→ The uprising was ruthlessly suppressed.
→ The police were accused of
suppressing evidence.
→ Harry could hardly
suppress a smile.
→ The virus
suppresses the body’s immune system.
→ the suppression of the
opposition party
→ I
suppressed an urge to laugh
→ Any
opposition to the regime is ruthlessly suppressed.
→ The authorities
suppressed publication of the journal
→ The army acted swiftly to
suppress the uprising.

bloc: (n) a group of countries or people who have been united together for a particular purpose (political, economic, etc) ;กลุ่มประเทศ

→ The European Union is a powerful trading bloc.
EU heads of state agreed on the bloc’s environmental goals at a meeting on March 9.
→ They would like to turn Europe and North America into a
single trading bloc.
→ This year’s elections marked the first time that eligible Latinx voters, who tend to show less partisan loyalty than other groups, surpassed Black voters to become the largest
non-white voting bloc.
→ They are a significant
voting bloc and an important part of Iowa’s Republican base.
→ A record 32 million
Latinos were eligible to vote in 2020 election, making them the largest minority bloc of voters in the country.

legitimacy: (n)
conforming to law or rules; done according to rules; legal/lawful ;หลักการหรือกฎเกณฑ์ที่ตั้งไว้

→ Their business operations are perfectly legitimate.
→ a legitimately
elected government
→ The lawyers expressed serious doubts about the
legitimacy of military action.
→ Findings by the Ombudsman also question the
legitimacy of banks and building societies imposing restrictions which limit savers’ choice.

2. fair, reasonable, acceptable, justified

Most scientists believe it is legitimate to use animals in medical research.
→ She challenged the legitimacy of the previous speaker’s
→ The legitimacy of
awarding large bonuses to senior executives is being increasingly called into question.
→ dwindling voters turnout weakens the legitimacy of
elected governments

independent: (adj) (politics)not belonging to any particular side of political parties

disillusioned: (adj) disappointed in someone or sth that one discovers to be less good than one had believed; let down eg. getting divorced could leave you disillusioned about marriage and love

→ I soon became disillusioned with the job.
→ Robinson said the incident left him
disillusioned because he was always taught that the police are your friends.

Must-Know Vocabulary From the Article

  • political apathy
  • cast a ballot
  • cast a vote
  • abstention
  • political statement
  • disaffection
  • political voice
  • voting bloc
  • youth turnout
  • legitimacy of elected governments
  • civic duty
  • morally obliged
  • election promises
  • disillusioned
  • campaigns
  • pensioners’ issues
  • favour
  • survived government cutbacks
  • strengthen political commitment
  • student elections
  • shape the institutions
  • civic education
  • foster political engagement
  • politicizing the classroom

My thoughts/Reflection
Possible solutions:
→ politicians & policy makers should make an effort to get to know the young better: find out what the young are concerned about, what issues they would like solved.
→ allow more independent politicians to participate/contest as election candidates, to offer more choices to people
→ make politics easier to grasp in the classrooms. make civic education lessons more fun and interactive to get students excited about politics rather than having boring lessons of just learning the facts. Some students tune out and become uninterested in politics because it is too complicated for them to grasp.

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