#SMM at the University of Florida — A Course You Can Not Pass Up

Every semester, before you even realize it, it’s that time again where you have to pick the courses for next semester. Just as you break through the waves for a breath of air after midterms the email you’ve known is coming finally hits you. “Get ready to register for classes!” You may feel as though you’ve barely decided if you’re enjoying this semester’s classes. Good news! One course has come to your rescue to relieve you of at least one decision for the upcoming semester. For anyone in the College of Journalism, but really anyone in UF at all, should register for Social Media Management. This online course is a great way to learn all there is to know about social platforms, social media marketing and social media management.

#SMM is a course that covers each social media platform, how to use it to the best most optimized ability and how to make a business stand out in the swiftly growing social media world. In this course you’ll be able to create accounts for multiple networks, engage with big influencers in the social media marketing world and get ahead on the trends and upcoming events for each platform. You’ll leave this course very aware of how to manage social media accounts using scheduling sites, an editorial calendar and a ton of different apps to better your content. Not only that but you’ll become Hootsuite certified and stand out as a knowledgable source amongst competitors. With Lisa Buyer as your professor you are in amazing hands to learn all there is to know about social media. It’s impossible to pass up these top ten reasons to take this course. Don’t look any further this semester, make sure you sign up for #SMM at UF!