A Handy List of My Writing on Medium

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The Weekly Knob Presents Writer Nicole Willson in Author’s Gold

The Weekly Knob’s editors were kind enough to ask me to write a little about myself and five of my favorite Knob stories; read all about it here.

50-Word Horror Stories (A 52-Week Challenge from the Writing Cooperative)

I made this into its own publication because this list page is getting crazy long. Read and/or follow here.

Selected Short Fiction for The Weekly Knob Prompt Challenge (Or Just Because)

The Dreadful Bargain (Prompt: Fountain)
Who Steals My Purse Steals Trash (Prompt: Wallet)
Rabbit, Rabbit (Prompt: Chocolate Egg)
I Am the Egg Man (Prompt: Glue)
Drinking the Devil Under the Table (Prompt: Beer
The Masterpiece (Prompt: Painting)
Killing Time in Room 309 (Prompt: Shower Curtain)
The Amazing True Story of Mary Lincoln’s Teapot (Prompt: Teapot)
The Good Listener (Prompt: Rotary Dial Phone)
Winston Porter on the Ropes (Prompt: Jump Rope)
All the Time in the World (Prompt: Hourglass)
The Oak Street Coffee-and-Chainsaws Club (Prompt: Chainsaw)
Join the Club (A Medium Exclusive!) 
Meat (Prompt: Spiderweb)
The Night Watchman (Prompt: Flashlight)
Riddle Me This (Prompt: Dixie (Paper) Cup)
Winston Porter’s Heir Apparent (Prompt: Sunglasses)
Sticker Shock (Prompt: Price Tag
Thy Mind is a Very Opal (Prompt: Necklace/Pendant)
One Man’s Trash (Prompt: Shopping Cart)
The Fish Out of Water (Prompt: Aquarium)
Dancing to Wake the Dead (Prompt: Tap Shoes)
Mr. Bent’s Strange Talent (Prompt: Measuring Tape)
With Many Grains of Salt (Prompt: Salt Shaker)
Winston Porter Gets Played for a Fool
(Prompt: Xylophone)
The Case of the Very Grating Roommate (Prompt: Cheese Grater)
A Time to Come Clean (Prompt: Soap)
The Bendy People (Prompt: Twist Tie)
Let the Buyer Beware (Prompt: Calendar)
Ball of Confusion (Prompt: Saran Wrap)
The Staring Contest (Prompt: Toothpick)
Your Friend ’Til the End (Prompt: Teddy Bear)
Winston Porter Kicks the Bucket (Prompt: Bucket)
Accept No Substitutes (Prompt: Artificial Plant)
Trust Issues (Prompt: Valentine’s Card. Written for the Knob’s Members-Only Valentine’s Day Issue.)
Arc of Iron (Prompt: Dumbbell)
Doctor’s Orders (Prompt: Tire Iron)
The Great Dust-Up (Prompt: Feather Duster)
The Merchant’s Curse (Prompt: Watch)
Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot
New Year’s Day (Prompt: Screwdriver)
The Gingerbread Woman (Prompt: Gingerbread)
Old Eunice (Prompt: Bobby Pin)
A Little Girl and a Big Guitar (Prompt: Guitar)
Transparency (Prompt: Scotch Tape)
The Lady or the Tower (Prompt: Hair Brush)
Sarah the Spy (Prompt: Notebook)
Welcome to the Neighborhood (Prompt: Extension Cord)
Rivers of Red (Prompt: Doorknob. Written for the Weekly Knob’s Scary Story edition.)
The Cut Direct (Prompt: Scissors)
Winston Porter Rolls the Dice (Prompt: Dice)
The Yard of Lost Toys (Prompt: Broom)
The Balloon on the Train (Prompt: Balloon)
Birthday Girl (Prompt: Candle)
Button, Button (Prompt: Button)
The Unwanted Gift (Prompt: Mirror)
The One Who Hides the Weapons (Prompt: Fly Swatter)
Winston Porter Loses His Marbles (Prompt: Marbles)
You May Already Be A Winner (Prompt: Junk Mail)