NaNoWriMo Sucks.
Shaunta Grimes

I love your Inner Editor! I don’t know what mine looks like yet, but NaNo was so good for teaching me to cage the bloody thing up and just write.

I’m a Nanite; I love November because I like immersing myself in the world of a new novel and knowing that lots of other people are doing it too. I’ve won five years in a row and am aiming for Win #6 next month. NaNoWriMo taught me that yes, I can actually write a complete novel draft; up until I went for my first attempt, I’d thought of myself as a short story writer only.

I know enough not to start shopping the first draft out to agents and publishers on December 1, but the only thing that sucks more than a NaNoWriMo Draft Zero is no draft at all, and that’s what I had before I started doing this.

I have a couple of shitty drafts that might never go anywhere, but I also have one novel that I believe is juuuust about ready to start sending out to publishers and agents. It took a lot of work and revision to get there. There’s another manuscript I think will be good after some more work. And obviously, I have my fingers crossed that this year’s novel will also be a keeper.

Thanks for the interesting post — can you tell that I like talking about NaNoWriMo? Good luck next month!

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