The Old Autograph Book Series

Photo by Nicole Willson

This is a series of stories I’m writing based off of the contents of an old autograph book I bought back in 2002.

Give me an old book whose previous owners underlined favorite passages and scribbled copious notes in the margins, or old postcards with vacation memories, or anything that gives you a glimpse of the thoughts and lives of the strangers who owned something before you did, and I’m tickled to death.

The “High” School Girl
Ever since his cousin visited from the states last summer, Robert’s had a bizarre mental image stuck in his head. That gives him an idea for Daniel’s book, and the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks it’s the kind of thing Daniel might enjoy.

The Ship
Daniel loves looking at pictures of tall ships. In his dreams, he stands proudly on their decks, breathing in the salty air and feeling the sea roll beneath him as he travels to yet another adventure.

For He Will Surely Rise
Audrey and Elise couldn’t stand Mr. Ratcliffe. Audrey would have been content to never learn another thing about history if it meant never having to endure the likes of Mr. Ratcliffe again.

The Light Under the Bushel
Pressing the tip of his tongue between his lips, Daniel inks in a shadow on his latest drawing.

And the Last Thing is Hope
I couldn’t understand why nobody else noticed the girl in pale green until the day I saw the faint outlines of trees and flowers right through your body.

Memories from the Moon
Once Audrey has finished the drawing of the castle, she sits back and thinks about Stephen.