My Portfolio: How it came to life

Your portfolio is representative of your work and achievement. If itself isn’t polished and refined to high standard, what does it say about you as a potential employee or workers?

Here’s the process of how my portfolio came about.


To see what make a portfolio effective, we must look at other great portfolio and learn from it.

“Good artists copy; great artists steal.”

Here’s some Inspirations I used:

From the inspirations, I was able to choose elements I find to be effective in communicating my skills and experience efficiently.


After analyzing the different websites and coming up with ideas, I found 4 elements to be important: Home page, About me, Projects, and Contact.

For my front page, I wanted a plain and simple design that just communicates to employers who I am and what I like to do.

As for my “About Me” page, I thought it would been informative to go a bit more in-depth on who I am and my background.

For the project page, I organize it as a 2–1 grid, which is effective for the number of projects I want to showcase and how big I wanted them to be.

As for the Contact page, I want to give users link to my Linkedin, email, and Github.

Get down to work:

To simplify and organize my portfolio in an efficient way, I used bootstrap to arrange my layout.

Since the main point of my portfolio is to market to users my skill sets, bootstrap allows me to focus on that and simplify the arrangement portion I might otherwise have to deal with if I used mainly CSS.


The portfolio was implemented using an extensive process in which I created a low-fidelity prototype to highlight how the portfolio will look like. I then implemented the foundation of my portfolio: navigation bar, brand (color,etc), and set up the base of HTML.

I then focus on the home page set up and the different components it composed.

Lastly, I focus on the different projects and its contents. As employers care a lot about design process, I focus on making that part as extensive and descriptive as possible.

Overall, the portfolio achieve its goal: a website that describes who I am and showcase my work.