Euro Python venue

From July 9th to July 16th, the beautiful and warm city of Rimini was taken by a bunch of Pythonistas attending EuroPython 2017, only the most important Python programming conference in Europe. A few months ago, I had unpretentiously submitted a talk for this conference and I was really excited when my proposal was accepted. I had my first experiences with Python conferences in Brazil last year and it just increased my love for this amazing community. So I was looking forward to see how a world-wide python conference would be.

The 1400 attendees expected for the EuroPython 2017 could…

Have you ever considered how many relationships you have in your virtual life? Every friend or page liked on Facebook, each connection in LinkedIn or Twitter account followed is a new relationship not only between two people, but also between their data. In Brazil only, we have 160 millions Facebook users. How can we represent and manipulate all these relationships?

Suppose we have a data schema similar to Facebook, where a user can be friends with other user or can like a page. Let’s try to structure these data in tables, as is done in Relational Databases.

Você já parou pra pensar quantos relacionamentos você tem na sua vida online? Cada amigo no Facebook, cada página curtida, cada conexão no LinkedIn ou cada perfil seguido no Twitter é um novo relacionamento não só pessoal, como virtual também. Só no Brasil, temos 160 milhões de usuários do Facebook. Como representar e manipular todas essas relações?

Suponha que temos um esquema de dados similar ao Facebook, onde um usuário pode ser amigo de outro usuário ou curtir uma página. Vamos tentar estruturar esses dados em tabelas, como em um Banco de Dados Relacional.

Nicolle Cysneiros

Full-stack developer @ Labcodes

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