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At Asana, we see the Product Design team as core to creating positive outcomes for our customers, and we know that good design thinking includes understanding technical complexities, business and product considerations, and strategic decisions based on user experience. We believe design should inform our road map, and we encourage our designers to push boundaries and offer new ideas for enterprise software. I’ll walk through how we applied this type of product design strategy and thinking on our Timeline feature.

Our Mission with Timeline

Asana is a work management platform used to track work across teams, and many of our customers are used to…

We recently launched Influencer Plus (I+) at Fullscreen, a platform that helps brands and top social media influencers create authentic campaigns together. I’d like to share the story of how we stripped down an outmoded service and rebuilt it from the ground up to meet the needs of our users.

The Problem

Before its rebranding and relaunch as I+, the product used to be called Gorilla, an offering that lived within our YouTube Multichannel Network business, serving only YouTube influencers. …

I saved a bunch of resource links to my Bookmarks to help me do the million things I wanted to do last year. There are trillion of other great sites but I still find these super helpful for product development! Enjoy ☺

Here it is:

Articles and Insight

  1. Installed Panda 4 —
  2. Designer News Statistics —
  3. Google Material Design —
  4. Call to Idea, Inspiration —
  5. Google Ventures —
  6. Designmodo —
  7. Product Hunt —
  8. 52 Weeks of UX —
  9. Web Design Repo, ever link ever for tools, tutorials, inspiration, etc. —
  10. SVPG —


  1. CSS…

And that’s ok.

I’m a product designer at Fullscreen, and I thought I’d share the story of how I got here and a few of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I came to Fullscreen knowing nothing about what it takes to be a UI/UX designer. Previously, I worked at the Swedish company Stardoll, creating marketing collateral and clothing illustration for their dress up game. My crowning achievements were a Nicki Minaj avatar and background stores for Snow White and the Huntsmen. …

Nicolle Matson

Product Designer @ Asana : Making Stuff

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