Is tackling Quality really that complicated? no its not

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In Reference of this article of our professor Carlos Artilez from Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), he imparts design and product development. He wrote a very interesting article about what we know of quality.

In fact that we live in Dominican Republic, a country that is growing in the industrial development, and many companies are being created in the country and the others are small and medium companies, this article from Carlos Artilez can open the mind of businessman and the investors in the country to treat different what we know about quality.

What could be the relevance of Product Development in our class?

In our class of product development, we have to make a competitive product that does good on the market. Although this is only one class we must address many aspects to make this product a competitive one in our market, and one of the most important aspect to be taken into consideration is the quality, in the past we only had to make a product with good qualities and that was it, it didn’t take the client into consideration, but as we saw in the article, the quality depends heavily on customers and also the value that is given to the product, as the teacher says the value can be seen in many ways.

but what you have to take into consideration is the aspect of marketing, which tells us that the value can be expressed as a direct relationship between perceived benefits and perceived costs. During this course we have worked with a set of tools, which helped us create and develop a product that meets customer needs, in a nutshell, a product that has quality, which makes it more valuable.

What’s the meaning of this?

Well, as simple as concentrate all efforts on increasing the perception of the benefits of what we are offering. So you can get a proper value and thanks to this value we’ll have a great opportunity to meet a higher grade on excellence in our quality.

In the Dominican context, what economic sectors could benefit in both the focus of the article and the application of tools and the studied methodologies?

The article mentioned that the quality management has been “complicated” during the years thanks to people like Juran, Ishikawa, among others which have made the administration management accumulate too much information therefor everything has to be more sophisticated. Also with all certifications of quality tools, large companies (including the ones in the Dominican Republic) believe that by simply taking one of these certifications they are already providing a service with quality. It is also mentioned in the case that high-end companies implement in their companies the customer service area and leave it there. This is something that always happens in companies in our country, customer service really doesn’t solve anything hence making companies lose either customers or the appreciation that clients had in the service provided.

In our opinion, we think that a sector that could benefit from this article and the tools that can be learned in this type of classes are the telecommunications companies such as Claro Dominicana, and Orange. These companies provide essential services such as internet, cable, etc … Therefore, the customer service area of ​​these companies should be one of the most important and efficient ones because when something goes wrong with the services the customers need for the companies to respond and resolve correctly.

Claro Dominicana
Orange Dominicana

What kind of problem is addressed and how the development tools could be used to address it?

Many problems are generated when a developer of a product wants to implement an innovation in the product and not consulting with customers or potential customers, this creates a big problem, because this improvement the developer implemented are not good improvements for the client, and the clients does not like them and the product sales decrease.


This can be solved with the implementation of chapter 5 of the book design and product development by Ulrich and Eppinger, this chapter is identifying customer needs, where we talk about methods that can be implemented are interviews, focus groups and observation product, these development tools can help address quality issues and improve them based on what customers want.

Book by Ulrich and Eppinger

How are alternative methodologies seen in class (IDEO, PTI, Ing. Concurring) could support solving this problem?

These alternative methodologies to common product development help a lot in all that is related to the quality of a product as these methods are based on working with the client, always taking into consideration the needs of the same, and even involving customers in the process of product development.

If we give value to the customers the value of the final product will be consistent with what the customer needs so the customer is happy with the final product and if the customer is happy with the product you can say that you achieve a very good quality.

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