Very apt meme for me

I am one of those (shameless) people who loves celebrating birthdays, especially my own. I make my friends celebrate their birthdays when we meet for dinner (also because I love cake). I blow out candles on our family Christmas cake every year like it’s my birthday. #ownit #noshame #theyletme #imweird #atleastimhonest

By celebrate I mean I love singing a birthday song to myself & eating cake. Haha I love cake 🎂🍰. Yum.

A year wiser; a year of growth, learning, & having fun. What’s there not to love?!

Things I’m grateful for this year:

1. My Mom

She is my voice of reason, #1 cheerleader, mentor, & my Best Friend.

She gave birth to me on her birthday…& hasn’t ever really celebrated her own birthday since. That’s the first of many sacrifices & she does it without any complaints. Thanks Ma! I know you always have my back & that you will always understand me the most.

I won the Mom lottery for sure. Can’t wait to see you to celebrate OUR birthday together. It’s been years. Wooo!

2. My Sister

From graduating college to slaying the corporate world, it has been such a joy growing up with her.

Don’t get me wrong- bossing her around, bullying her, tackling her in her sleep are some of my favourite things to do till this very day.

But being the wonderful sister that I am (I also like to praise myself 🙄), I love celebrating her successes & singing her praises.

She excels at school, got into one of the best local colleges, lived on her own in Berlin for a year, is filial, thoughtful & kind, can cook professionally (and trivia was a part time professional Chef!) & now cooks weekends at home. She’s also very musically talented – plays 4 instruments – & speaks German fluently!

Thanks for always having Jie’s back too, Mei! #proudbigsister

3. Health + Rediscovering my passion for fitness

I’ve always been athletic growing up – I did ballet performances, swam & did gymnastics competitively, but I really slacked off in college (I only danced) & got away with it. I never gained any weight!

As I started working AKA sitting down more than 8 hours a day, traveling with a great corporate allowance for meals & my huge appetite, I could NO LONGER get away WITHOUT working out to stay in shape. #reality

Quitting my old job + getting a job that was more local with less travel, helped me get into a healthier routine. I got back into ballet, yoga & gymnastics in addition to my regular rockclimbing; tried out boxing, pilates, and finally lagree! I hate working out in the gym because I like someone to tell me what to do. #truth

Landed on a workout I really love & am so addicted to, so much so that I teach it. Never thought I’d ever add fitness instructor to my resume for sure.

I supplement my daily workouts by crosstraining: boxing, yoga, ballet, swimming, gymnastics & will try MMA soon.

Exercising & eating clean is really a healthy cycle! The more you do it the less you veer off track. It invigorates you & helps relieve stress by producing oxytocin! 🙌🏼💪🏼 You also get to make new friends who have similar hobbies along the way! Win win.

4. Friends – old & new

As someone who enjoys being alone, I am selective with my friends. I don’t have many close friends. I lost some friends this year, by choice. Not in a mean way, but because I love myself enough to cut out negative energy from my life.

I am extremely blessed & grateful for my friendships are genuine, real & kind. For the new friends I’ve met in SF, and for the old friends in SG, UT, SF & all over that I’ve maintained. I love seeing my friends thrive through various seasons of their lives, & am luckier that I can count them as my inner circle.

I appreciate each & every one of your friendships, generosity, time, & kindness. I hope you all know that! Not much more a girl can ask for in life.

5. My career

Self explanatory but the next 5 years will be focused on my career & continuing to grow + learn + absorb AMAP!

I am truly so blessed & grateful. Keeping it simple this time. I have so much.

As you get older, you realise the simple things are what makes life so rich.

Looking forward to more adventures as I age (gracefully of course 😉)

Till next time,

Nicol, the birthday girl 💋xx

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